Decorating Your Bedroom for Christmas

A personal feel of the Christmas holiday can be achieved by decorating your own bedroom with various Christmas embellishments. Decorating bedroom provides a look that gives a sense of Christmas celebration. Decorating bedroom for Christmas enriches the overall aroma of Christmas and inbuilt a wave of joy and happiness among people.

To create a breath of Christmas in your bedroom you will have to look into the minutest decorations of the room like: ceiling decoration, walls decoration, window decoration, bed d├ęcor and many more. Here we are going to discuss and help you decorate your bedroom for this Christmas and enjoy fun and happiness of Christmas even in your own bedroom.

  • To start up, the first and the foremost thing you have to do is to thoroughly clean the bedroom and get rid of the junk in your room. If you have space constraints in your bedroom then try to take any unnecessary furniture or stuff out of the room during the holidays. Clean each and every portion and part of the room like: windows, mirror, bed sheet, curtains and wardrobe. If you want you can even change the tapestry of your room to give it a new festive look.
  • Decide the theme on which you want to decorate your room like: Christmas theme, color theme, teddy theme or any other of your choice. You can also use your own imagination and creativity to decorate your bedroom with the things available in the house and not stick to a particular theme.
  • Decorating the bedroom with your own imagination and liking will add a personal touch to the room.
  • You can decorate the ceiling of the room by hanging different Christmas adornments like stars, small teddies, leaves and paper snowflakes on the ceiling. If you want you can also stick radium stars and other Christmas ornaments on the ceiling to create an element of tranquility and mystery. Make sure that the hanging adornments on the ceiling are either made of wood or plastic so that, even if they fall they are not broken or shattered and hurt someone.
  • Decorating Your Bedroom For Christmas
    Decorating Your Bedroom For Christmas

    Decorate the upper border of your walls with beautiful multi color lights. You can also make paper chains and hang or stick them on the upper border of your walls.

  • Hang glittery and shiny snowflakes and other Christmas ornaments on the curtain rod so they can sparkle in the sun. You can put beautiful Christmas pieces above the curtain rod and hang flowers, bells, balloons and small Santa Claus on the edge of the window rod.
  • You can also decorate your bulletin board by placing some amazing Christmas pictures or scenes on it. You can make and hang your own Christmas cards and small decorative items on the board.
  • Decorating a room with beautiful paintings is an evergreen concept. Hang wreaths and attractive paintings on the walls of the room.
  • Put Christmas theme bed sheet and pillow covers to charge up the mood of Christmas in the room.
  • Make the door of the room as welcoming as possible. Hang silky ribbons, put some glitter in the balloons and place or hang a bunch of it on the door.
  • Use fresheners and aroma candles all around the room as it adds to the zing of decoration.
  • Place real and artificial flowers in the room in your own creative way. Presence of flowers will make your room more pulsating and vibrant.
  • To provide a pretty and sophisticated look to the room you can also use floating candles, flower blossoms and petals in a crystal or glass bowl and put it at a place from where it is safe but easy visible.
  • You can also hang wind chimes on the window pallet to enrich the effect of Christmas.
  • Hang small pretty jingle bells and Santa Claus around the room and on the wardrobes to give an extra sense of the occasion.
  • In between all the decoration, you should not forget to decorate the floor of the room as; it is an integral part of the bedroom. Wrap empty boxes with nice paper, so that they appear like Christmas gifts and stack them in a corner.
  • If you have enough space in your bedroom you can also put a small Christmas tree in the room and decorate it various Christmas ornaments.

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