Decorating With Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art of placement is termed as Feng Shui. The ancient Chinese method of Fang Shui helps in balancing and recharging our homes and creating happier and more flourishing lives, room by room. Decorating with Feng Shui is basically a way to adorn your home, so as to create a pulsating feeling of joy and happiness. It is believed that through Feng Shui you can rejuvenate and built positive energy inside your home and hence, can create a more peaceful resting place. Feng Shui is also referred as the Chinese art of correct placement. Practitioners often believe that by arranging our furnishings and other decor in a way that perfectly and truly align with nature; can bring peace and harmony into our lives.

According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, placement of each and everything in our living space from front door to the door of toilet has a role to play in our overall well being. Feng Shui decorations does not mean being superstitious. Feng Shui means decorating your space in such a way or creating such an environment that engulfs the best and maximum energy around to support a specific task or activities proposed for that space. Decorating a space with Feng Shui principle engrosses the movement of energy and moving blocked areas so that energy can easily move and vibrate around the house. Here we are going to discuss few tips for feng Shui decoration.

  • According to the Feng Shui, color is an important part of decoration and has influence in enriching the energy level of a place. In china, as per Feng Shui color red is a symbol of good luck. People in China usually use red color to decorate some part of their front doors. Apart from red; yellow and purple are also considered to bring good fortune. Many practitioners often believe that yellow color is more positive than red color. As per Feng Shui yellow is considered as an imperial color. Whereas, green color symbolizes freshness, peace and growth.
  •  Decorate your area with silk plants and plants that have broad healthy leaves. Avoid using dried plants for decorations in house as they symbolize ill health.
  • Decorating With Feng Shui
    Decorating With Feng Shui

    In Feng Shui, wood represents wealth and family area. Light blue color wallpapers and carpets or other furnishings in house are considered good because blue color represents water and water allows wood to float. Decorating your space with a combination of blue and green is also a great option.

  • Decorating the living space with fish is also considered to be very auspicious as fish is symbolic of wealth.
  • Fame area and reputation area are the elements of fire, so embellishing the area with fire and red décor can be a great option. Decorating with red and fire elements is considered to bring luck and appreciation. Since fire is represented by light, so floor lamps, side lamps, chandelier and candles can also act as very good options for decoration.
  • Health area, relationship area and knowledge are the elements of earth in Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, for boosting these areas you can use natural crystals, tiles and terracotta for decorations. Shades of orange, brown and yellow can do wonders for this area. To make your decoration a step ahead, as fire produces earth add a punch of red into the mix.
  • Water is considered as an element for career area. But too much water can bring negativity instead of enthusiasm as excess water is like a flooding bank. However, decorating space with small amount of water around can work wonders. If you have enough space than use water fountain inside or outside the home or office area. People with space constraint can put a small aquarium inside. You can also embellish your space by putting paintings on the wall with a water scene. Proper Blend of white and black is also an excellent option.
  • Avoid long and huge hallways as energy moves too quickly down the hall.
  • While decorating your space as per Feng Shui avoid excessive use of overhead lightings and sharp corners in and around the room.

Adorning your space as per Feng Shui is not a difficult task, just feel the energy and space and follow a few great Feng Shui ideas to decorate your space.

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