Decorating Tips for Christmas

Christmas Decoration typically revolves around the theme of Christmas i.e. the birth of Jesus Christ with a strong presence of colors representing winter as it is the ongoing season in most of the Countries during Christmas. Traditionally the colors associated with Christmas celebration are snow white, evergreen or pine green and heart red. Blue and white represents winter and metallic colors like gold and silver are also popularly used as they add to the glitter of the overall decor. The Christmas Decoration themes are inspired mostly by traditional practices such as decorating a Christmas tree or decorations depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.

Some of the important tips for Christmas decoration are:

  • The house can be decorated with a uniform theme or multiple theme, each for Garden, Front door, Living Space etc. Having multiple themes require more effort to do justice to each area. However, having a uniform theme makes decoration easy to manage.
  • Find a place to put the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree decoration is centre of attraction for all types of Christmas decoration. The Location of tree should be such that it has maximum visibility. Once the location is fixed the other decoration can planned in such a fashion that they compliment the placement of Christmas tree.
  • Decorating Tips for Christmas
    Your home is the place where your Christmas traditions come alive, so incorporate your traditions into every space.

    Once the location of tree is decided, it is important to re-organize the existing furniture to go along with the theme. For example, if the theme is snow white, the curtains and cushion covers can be changed to do justice to the theme. The change of curtains and cushion covers give wholeness to the theme. At times it may not be possible to change the tapestry of the existing furniture. However, in such cases a common color may be taken as the theme color that blends the existing tapestry to the overall decoration of the house.

  • As they say, “the first impression is the last impression”. It is therefore important to decorate the first thing visible in the house. For example, for people living in independent houses, it is very important to have the outdoor area decorated well as it is the first visible thing in the house. For those living in apartments, it is the front door that should be decorated with care.
  • The best decoration for outside is lighting. A number of lighting options are available in market. Colorful lighting can be effectively used to give a festive outlook to the house. However, as lighting is effective only during the night time, it is important to have additional decorative items that are visible during the day time. Garlands and Hanging Wreaths go well with Christmas decoration. However, while choosing the decorative, color of the wall should be kept in mind so that the decorative items deliver the maximum impact.
  • Hanging Wreaths are most commonly used for decorating the front door. Ribbons can be used for decorating the front door. Here also, color of the ribbon should be selected by taking the color of the door into consideration. For a more modern decoration, or to introduce a theme, instead of hanging wreaths, stickers can be used along with garlands and ribbons.
  • It is always better to use the material easily available rather that going on a shopping spree. Branches or bushes that are easily available outside the house can be spray painted and used as an effective and cheap decoration item. They can be colored into any color and thus can be used for any color theme. Apart from this, strings of cards from previous years can be used to decorate a wall.
  • The decoration is mostly appreciated by the way it looks. However, it is important that the house smells good. Along with decoration, use a room spray or scent to give final touches to the decoration.
  • Use of items of decoration should be nature friendly and in case children are expected in the house, small items should be avoided for obvious reasons.
  • Christmas tree can be decorated using a wide variety of decoration items available in the market. However, it is important not to overdo the tree too much as it overshadows the other decoration done in the house.
  • Lastly, do not spend hefty sums on Christmas decorations by buying a lot of stuff from market. The sheer presence of things in house without proper arrangement does not add to the decor; instead, it gives a chaotic, messy and confused feeling about the place.  Therefore, it is important to visualize the final outcome that is expected to be achieved before starting the decoration. This will help in reducing wastage and keeping the budget in check.
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