Easy Ways to Decorate on Christmas

Christmas decorations have always had a nostalgic feeling attached to it. Most of the Christmas decorations revolve around the birth of Jesus Christ. Common colors used for Christmas celebration are snow white, ever green, blue and heart red. These colors are symbolic of the winter season.

Some easy ways to decorate the house in Christmas are:

  • Use Hanging Wreath for decorating outside wall, doors and walls. Hanging wreath is commonly used on the front door. However, they can also be used for kitchen door, walls etc. Hanging wreaths are easily available in market in a variety of colors. While selecting the hanging wreath, it is important to select a wreath whose color goes well with the color of the door or the wall on which it will be hanged.
  • Old Christmas cards can be used as an effective decorative item. The Cards can be pasted on a wall or door. The cards can be placed over side table or center table. The cards can also be clipped together to form a chain that can be used as a hanging decorative item either on walls or on the door. As Christmas cards use vibrant colors, the use of cards is most effective against a wall with calmer colors like white or cream.
  • Easy Ways to Decorate on Christmas
    No one else should decide what your house should look like, it's your ideas and your money so it's your decision, do what you like.

    Spray paints can be effectively used to paint a number of items and the sprayed items can be used for decoration. For example, waste paper balls, beer bottles or cans etc can be sprayed with golden or silver color and can be used for decoration. The color can be selected based on the color theme selected for decoration. Sprayed paper balls can be placed in the garden to decorate plants.

  • Curtains and cushion covers also play an important part in overall Christmas decorations. Apart from the walls, curtains are the most vital part of home decor. Curtains and cushion covers can be changed during Christmas to colors that are more in sync with the Christmas theme like snow white, ever green or heart red. Apart from their utility as curtains or cushions, the color becomes part of the overall decoration for Christmas.
  • Christmas stockings are used in more traditional decorations. Decorated cans are used as a substitute of Christmas Stockings in more modern decorations. Old cans can be decorated with paper cuttings, old card etc to act as substitute for Christmas stockings.
  • Bath towels, hand wash towels and other visible items of the household can be replaced with towels of Christmas colors like snow white, ever green or heart red.
  • Empty vases can be filled up sprayed grass or trees that go along with the Christmas theme like cranberries etc. As indicated above, spray painted bottles can also be used as vases for placing green trees and can be used for decoration.
  • Lighting can be effectively used to improve the decoration. Apart from the Christmas tree, Lighting can be used on windows, doors and even furniture to give a festive feel to the room. These days a number of cheap lighting options are available that have combination of colourful lights that glow in patterns. Effective lighting adds a lot of glitter to the overall Christmas decoration.
  • Empty frames can be used to decorate the house. Instead of family pictures, gift wrapping papers or holiday theme papers can be used as a picture. During Christmas, a number of gift wrap papers of Christmas theme are available.
  • Transparent bottles or empty jars can be filled up with water and food color can be added to get desired color. These jars with colored water can be effectively used for decoration during Christmas. Oil can be added to water to get a layered liquid. This can be placed at placed that are well lighted and are effective decorating objects.
  • Lamp shades can also be decorated with Christmas theme by using ribbons and spray paint. A plain cloth can be decorated separately and used over the existing lamp shade to get a festive look for the lamp shade. A simple yet stylish lamp shade adds a lot of dazzle to the overall decoration.
  • Lastly use environment friendly items for decoration and if children are expected in house, avoid using small articles for obvious reasons.
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