Home Decorating Themes for New Year

People expect guests to visit their house in New Year to exchange pleasantries. Extra caution is taken to decorate the house as it is expected to be scrutinized by the visiting guests. There are a lot of ways of decorating the home for New Year. Before you go to the market to buy things for decorating the house it is important to plan. Decide how you would like to showcase your house in New Year. There are a lot of permutations on how you can decorate your house however it is always a good idea to adopt a theme for decoration. There are various themes that go with New Year celebrations.

Some suggestions for decorating the home with themes on New Year are as under:

  • Color theme for New Year: New Year is generally depicted with white and bright colors. You can select color of the New Year decoration theme depending on the color of your walls and doors. A lot of people go for coloring the walls during the New Year. In case you go for painting the walls, choose bright and lively colors for the walls. The decorations can be of a combination of colors. Commonly used colors for New Year are Blue, Red, Golden and Silver. Use of golden and silver color flare up the decorations. If there are plants in the house, green can also be effectively used for decorations.
  • Balloons Theme: Balloons are commonly used for New Year decorations. You can use a pump to inflate the balloons and place them on almost every place in your house right from outer walls to tables, doors and ceiling. A large balloon is generally glued on the ceiling in the middle of the room. This balloon is deflated using a pin at midnight on New Year Eve. You can put a lot of shredded paper, messages etc in the balloon to give a special effect when deflated at midnight.
  • Home Decorating Themes for New Year
    A damask-themed dessert table and party, that pulls in big white feathers and bold prints perfect for the holiday.

    Candles Theme: New Year decorations include use of colourful candles. These days there are a lot of alternatives available in the market. Decorated candles, scented candles and candles with electronic lights are some such alternatives. Artificial candles are good as they can be ignited without worrying about replacement. You can place a large candle in the middle of the table to emphasise the Candle theme. While purchasing candles, care should be taken that color of the candles should go along the color of other decoration of the house.

  • Stars Theme: New Year decorations can also be based on start theme where you can place a number of stars of different colors on walls and ceilings. This goes well with dark colored walls. You can involve kids of the house to cut stars in different shapes and sizes and then stick them to wall using tape or glue. Care should be taken while removing the stars as it may damage the paint of the wall.
  • Bells theme: You can use bell theme for New Year decorations. Different sized bells can be cut of form colored paper and used for decoration. Along with this, actual bells can also be hanged at various places in the house especially on doors. You can also use wind chimes on windows and doors to support the bell theme. The bell theme can go along with any color theme.
  • Toys theme: If there are kids in the house, the decorations can revolve around toys. You can use toys for decoration. Posters of different toys are available that can be used to cover the wall and actual toys can be placed on table and other places. You can also focus on a single cartoon character like Ben10 or Tom and Jerry and use their posters and toys to decorate the house. This will help in elevating the mood of your kids as well as their friends visiting the house for Christmas.
  • Weather theme: You can use weather theme to decorate the house. Different weathers have different colors associated with them. You can decorate your house with color of any weather and add items specific to that weather. Common weather themes are spring, winter and fall themes. The pillow covers and curtains helps in implementing such themes as there are a lot of alternatives pertaining to each seasonal theme available in the market.

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