Choosing a Color Scheme for New Year

New Year is a time of joy and celebrations. In order to decorate the house for New Year, a number of embellishments and decorative items can be used. Though the decorations can be scattered across the house, it is advisable to have a constant theme though out the house. Color of the wall and decorations play an important role in giving the right feel for the New Year.

Some of the important things to keep in mind before selecting colors for New Year decorations are as under:

  • Color of walls: The color of the walls is important part of the overall decoration for New Year. A lot of homes go for wall painting during New Year. It is always advisable to use light colors on the wall. Shades of white, crème, blue are common on walls. Light colors amplify the brightness of the room. Dark colors on the other hand require a lot of lighting and are mostly considered mood dampeners. Another advantage of white color is that color of all other items in the room is amplified with white background. Therefore, if you are planning to change the color of the wall, go for bright colors for New Year.
  • Color of furniture: Color of wooden furniture can be changed easily by polishing the furniture. You can use natural wood color or dark color on the furniture for New Year. Most popular color for wooden furniture is Dark Brown and Black. If the furniture is made of plastic than changing the furniture may not be a feasible option. You can however select the background color of the wall in such a way that either the furniture completely blends into the wall color or it totally contrasts. However, dark colored wall should be avoided.
  • Choosing a Color Scheme for New Year
    Combining subtle shades with striking splashes of colour is a key trend this season

    Color of the Door: Most of the doors are made of wood. The color of wooden doors can be changed easily by applying polish on the doors. You should keep the color of the door in line with the color of other furniture of the room as it makes the door part of the overall décor. If the door is made of plastic or of metal, the natural color of the door can be used to decide the color of the wall and furniture of the room.

  • Color of Pillow covers and tapestry: The colors for New Year are Blue, Silver, Gold and White. White and blue color represents winter. Silver and Gold are used to add glamour to the decorations. There are a lot of alternatives available in the market for pillow covers and tapestry. Plain colored pillow covers with designer tapestry or designer pillow covers with plain tapestry are the best combinations. It is advisable to go for a pillow covers that have a hint of golden or silver to add to the glitter of the overall decorations for New Year. Red can also be used along with golden for pillow covers and tapestry for New Year decorations.
  • Color of Decorations: The decorations for New Year should be bright and add to zing of the overall décor of the room. You should remember not to clutter too many decorative items of different colors as it gives a clumsy look to the house. You should go for more selected colors as far as decorations are concerned. You can highlight a mix of two or at the max three colors in the overall New Year decorations. Blue and white are a common combination that is used for New Year. If you have plants in the house, than green can be one of the colors for decoration. If the decorative items are not of the desired color, spray paints can be used to color the decorative items to a color of choice. Red is also a color that is widely used in celebrations. Red coupled with golden makes a very good combination for decorations in New Year.
  • Color of Lights: The common light colors are white and yellow. However, you can experiment with light colors while decorating the room for New Year. There are multiple colored lights available in the market. You can either buy colored lights or use gelatine paper on white light to get the desired color of the light. Green, blue or red colored lights when used on white walls helps in getting the desired shade on the wall for New Year.

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