Ways to Make Your Home More Welcoming for Guests on New Year

New Year is that time of the year when you can expect a lot of guests to visit your house for wishing you New Year. There are small ways in which you can make your home more welcoming for Guests on New Year.

Some tips are as under:

  • Front Door: You can decorate the front door to make the house look more appealing and inviting. You can decorate the front door with flowers, garland or wreaths. You can also have a small welcome sign board on the front door. If you live in a locality where the front door can be kept open without the fear of theft, it is advisable to keep the front door open at times when you are expecting guests as it is more inviting.
  • Ambiance: An important aspect of making the house more welcoming for guests is to have the right ambiance for the house. Ambiance should be created keeping the occasion of New Year in mind. For New Year, you can use bright lights with some music. It is important to strike the right balance between formal ambiance and casual ambiance when it comes to New Year decorations. Do not make the decor too formal to make your guests uncomfortable and at the same time do not make it too casual that it gives the house a clumsy look.
  • Guest list: Decide who you want to invite for New Year. It is advisable to stagger your guests into groups of likeminded guests or guest who know each other visit your house together. This not only helps in keeping your guests occupied, it also reduces the chances of conflict. Remember never to invite two people together who have a history of conflicts.
  • Making Your Home More Welcoming for Guests on New Year
    Making Your Home More Welcoming for Guests on New Year

    Drinks: You will be expected to serve drinks to your guests. Maintain a stock of drinks that are expected to be consumed during the New Year. Maintain the minimum variety that can be stored as everyone may not share your choice of drinks. Also, keep some snacks ready to be served along with the drinks. If kids are expected to visit your house during New Year, keep some soda and aerated drinks ready for them. Remember, it is impossible to satisfy everyone visiting your house, however, as a precautionary measure, you can maintain minimum variety to cater the majority of guests.

  • Food: To make your guests feel welcome, it is always a good idea to give some options to the guests as far as food is concerned. Have at least one alternative arrangement just in case some guests are not comfortable with some variety of food items. For example, it is possible that some of your guests do not savour Chinese food and would have preferred having anything else but Chinese for dinner. As you never know the preferences of all your guests, it is advisable to have at least one alternative ready.
  • Furniture: If you are expecting guests in your house, it is important to have adequate sitting arrangements in the house. The last thing that is expected is to scramble for chairs when someone visits your house. Apart from the sitting arrangements in the living room, there should be sufficient sitting on the dining table. If the general furniture of your house is of low height, you should make some alternative arrangements for people who are not comfortable with low sitting. Folding chairs etc can be used for alternative sitting.
  • Decoration: New Year is a time when you decorate your house. To make your guests feel welcome, you can use flowers, welcome banner, balloons etc in the house to get the feeling of celebration. The decorations not only increase the enthusiasm, it keeps the purpose of meeting alive throughout the visit.
  • Other details: Remember to give importance to details like cutlery, glasses etc. If the guest list is large, it may not be possible to serve drinks and food in the same styled glasses to all your guests. However, for small gatherings, you should use same set of glasses and cutlery for all guests. Keep the toilets clean and have soaps refilled. Place clean napkins and replace the paper rolls. The guests should not be given an opportunity to demand service for things that could have been otherwise taken care of.

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