Ideas For Small Bathroom Design

Tips and Tricks For Small Bathroom Design

  • You must know that small bathrooms are very different from the large bathrooms therefore their designing should also be different in order to create something new and special. While you are planning to decorate your bathroom, you must always try to keep the design of the area as simple as possible. Another important thing that you must keep in mind is that you can make your small bathroom look bigger by painting it with attractive hues. Retile or redecorated your bathroom using different colours. In a small room, busy designs overpower and appear to minimize the space. Light, normal tones lend an open, spacious feel. Keep designs light and to a minimum. You can use blue or white colour tiles, but if they look too simple then you can use contrasting tiles.
  • In order to give yourself more room to function, consider reinstating your old model with a packed in toilet. It is the same size as a round-front copy and still offers the comfort of an extended seat.
  • You will see that installing a beautiful shower curtain in your bathroom will make the space look even bigger. Another thing that you can install here are sliding doors for a sophisticated look.
  • I would like to tell you that if you have a radiator in your bathroom, which is taking a lot of space then consider putting it higher up. It would help in creating extra space for the toilet and the sink area.
  • Small Bathroom Design
    Small Bathroom Design

    You must never purchase wall papers that have complicated patterns as this would make the area look small. Instead, choose very delicate wallpaper patterns. Better yet, keep one wall free from any pattern at all.  You can consider making the largest wall in the small bathroom into a wall painting of an open space.

  • You can also consider hanging your cabinet from the wall at a more comfortable height to avoid unnecessary bending. You can also create out a mirrored effect for bulky bathroom furniture for the additional advantage.
  • The size of the seat and the bath tub are two most important accessories that take up a lot pf bathroom space. So, when remodelling your bathroom it’s important to choose a toilet, which is both small and stylish.
  • Mirrors can give a feeling of room, so add a large mirror to your bathroom. If it’s impossible to shift your vanity mirror then add track lights on top to give impression of larger reflection. Glass and mirrored furniture is ideal for small bathrooms as the transparency makes the bathroom seem large.
  • Reduce the amount of furniture and equipments in your bathroom. Bigger the items in bathroom, the smaller it will feel. It’s good to limit the number of equipments in your bathroom.
  • Purchasing the multi purpose bathroom seat for this area would be the best option that you can think of. They should have mirror cabinets, sink console and combined toilet and bidet as well as small bathroom designs that occupy less space and look good.
  • Another thing you can consider is to purchase corner units with sink as they are great space savers for small bathrooms.  You can also prefer corner sinks as they are simple and small. These sinks offer creative space but lacks in counter and cabinet space.
  • Another thing that you must keep in mind is that you must only try to purchase cabinets that can enhance the look of your bathroom. This would surely help you in many ways to increasing the space in your room.
  • You must keep sliding doors for dressers and cupboards as they take up lesser space and their space efficiency allows you to bring more elegance.
  • Another option for you to keep the bathroom furniture folded as it can be folded and kept away when such as stools and chairs.
  • You must choose furniture in light tones such as wicker or ceramic; they make the bathroom look roomy. Warm colours such as terracotta, red, rosewood and cherry are good for warmth and relaxing feel in the bathroom.
  • Installing beautiful lights inside cabinets and shelves of small bathroom furniture to give a well-lit and spacious look.
  • Sliding doors do not require door clearance, and the clear glass acts like a window, opening the space even more.
  • Change your taps to a single-control model that would help in saving space and making your small sized bathroom more manageable.
  • You must search for a 5′ tub with an even bottom. They are ideal for showering, but still deep enough for a pleasant bath. A bathtub less than five feet long will most likely spill out the water sprayed by the whirlpool taps.
  • If you want something different then you can also buy beautiful base sink or wall-mounted sinks, depending on the size of your bathroom. Or you can also custom order the sink, which can be just right for your bathroom.
  • Some people also create a different look in their small bathroom by installing beautiful and colourful plants that really change the whole appearance of their bathroom area. It also helps in bringing a fresh splash to your dream home.

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