Importance of a Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace plays a very important role in any house. It creates warmth in the environment. However, a fireplace is incomplete without a proper mantel. It is important to have a proper mantel to keep your surroundings clean and safe. It’s from ages, the fireplace have always acted as a key element in building up a beautiful environment within the home and mantel on the other hand has helped in keeping the surroundings clean, tidy and safe while lighting of fire in winter seasons. Therefore, decorating the home with a fireplace without any proper knowledge of mental decoration can ruin all your efforts.

Following are some points which would help you in understanding the importance of a fireplace mantel. This would also help you with those important things which you should be aware of while creating a fire place in your living room.

  • To maintain cleanliness
Fireplace Mantel

This is one of the important features why you should have a proper fireplace mantel.  It is a known fact that the fireplaces are not easy to clean and maintain. After lighting the fire, it is evident that the place will evoke smoke, ash etc which can make the living room walls dirty. It also becomes easy for debris to make the surroundings dirty by staining the floor. Therefore, it is recommended to have a proper fireplace mantel as with this debris would be hardly noticeable. Further it would also help in keeping the surroundings clean.

  • Safety and security

Another important feature is the safety. A fireplace without a mantel would not only make the place look tacky but would also increase the chances of accidents. The closer the naked fireplace is to the wooden flooring, the higher chances of accidents may arise. Also it becomes unsafe for the children or the pets to play around as this increases their risk of getting burns.

  • Storage

Fireplace mantel is useful for storing all the necessary equipments which are used while lighting up of fire. For lighting up the fire, rotating the logs during the fire etc. it is obvious that you need proper equipments and tools. These tools can occupy some place in your living room and might make the area look shabby. However, with fire mantel you can safely store all these equipments nearby still making your living room clear and tidy.

  • Decoration purpose

Fireplace is the centre of attraction in the living room and mantels on the same hand enhance the elegance and visual appeal. Therefore, mantel can also be used for decoration purposes. You can use this great platform to display your beautiful decorations, family photograph or a painting for everyone to see.  

Essential tips to remember

  • You can build up a fireplace, depending on your taste and preferences. The fireplace mantels can be either of conventional or contemporary style.
  • Stone and wooden mantels are available in wide range. However, as fireplace will be a center of attraction for everyone it is necessary to be careful while choosing the material, design and style.
  • The fireplace mantel should be able to fit in with your existing interiors. Otherwise, it would stand out as oddly different and out of place. Above all you should be clear with your budget.
  • The cost of construction largely varies with the type of base material you are using for designing and cost of labor for construction.


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