Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen is a place which begins before the sunshine and ends after the sunset so; it is most important place where abundant lighting is required. You can find basic lighting types like ambient lightings which give a soft wash; task lighting which offers lights to complete particular tasks; and accent lighting which focus light on a specific area. There are three basic types of lightings. Ambient or general lighting, which provides a soft wash that illuminates a large space; task lighting which provides illumination to accomplish specific tasks (lights that shines directly on counter tops) and accent lighting, which focuses light on a specific object or area for aesthetic stance rather than task oriented purposes. You could create a feeling of excitement and energy by using following types of lights which makes your kitchen shiny.

Fluorescent Light
Fluorescent lights are one of the efficient sources of light which is most suitable for residential use. Fluorescent lights ends for more than 10000 hours. By using this light you can successfully keep away heat from your kitchen so; your kitchen would be cool in mid of the summer.

Incandescent Lights
It is a light which is commonly used in homes. Since, these lights are very cheap and can be found in different shapes and sizes, these lights give a crunchy white light and the installation of Incandescent lights is very easy.

Halogen Lights
Halogen Lights are very expensive to buy and lasts around 2000 hours. These lights can be found in bulb and tubes. Halogen lights generate bright and white light. It is advisable not to touch these lights with oily hands as it can shorten their life.

Xenon Light
Xenon Light can be compared with incandescent lights as it has long life and this is the light which can be dimmed when required. Most of the time, this light is used for cabinets. This light requires transformers thus sometimes Xenon light are used as task lighting.

Lighting is a key factor of a kitchen so, lighting should be selected properly. You will find different advantages of each light thus; choose proper light for your kitchen. It is also true that a pendent light lying in the kitchen produces a warm mood for dining. You can also have in built cooker hoods with lighting. The kitchen light should cover most of your island, so choose appropriate watt bulbs. Things to be remembered while choosing lights of kitchen:

  • Lighting system should be along with kitchen size.
  • It is necessary to have enough light over the stove and sink so that one could work properly.
  • One color should be used in kitchen lights.
  • To save electricity, dimmers should be used.
  • To save energy, you can use motion sensor lights.
  • Sometimes, over lighting make the kitchen too warm.
  • If you have cabinet facility in the kitchen, lighting should be installed in it.


Quick Trick

  • While deciding on the number as well as type of lighting fixtures in your kitchen, it is necessary to take the size of the room into consideration.
  • The main work areas in the kitchen, such as the sink, stove, counter-top, island and the areas over and below the cabinets, should be properly lit. Here, you can also make use of task lighting.
  • Apart from the actual cooking, majority of the kitchen activities are undertaken at the table. So, it is necessary to light it up properly. You can use a pendant or chandelier fixture for the purpose, providing a dimmer switch alongside.
  • While installing the lighting fixture, make sure that after turning on the light, no shadows are created on the areas where majority of the cooking tasks take place.
  • Using dimmers for all the lights in your kitchen is a good idea, as you will be able to adjust the intensity of the light according to your mood.
  • In case you are planning to use colored lights for your kitchen, try to stick to same color for all the kitchen lighting.

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