Making a smaller room look bigger

Decorating Idea for a Small Living Room
As one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, especially for purposes of entertaining and relaxing, decorating a small living room to be warm and inviting yet still appear spacious is important.

Sometimes the most effective way to increase usable space is to simply reorganize the furniture. Remove all clutter, and leave just 1 – 3 of any one type decor room accessory; such as magazines displayed on an end table, vases, throw pillows, etc.

Get as many items off the floor as possible; stereo equipment, statues, urns with dried flowers, potted plants, etc. If you want to keep them in the room, reposition them on shelves and pieces of furniture instead of on the floor.

Another decorating secret is to make use of space usually overlooked that does nothing to add to usable floor space. A corner entertainment center TV cabinet provides more space and makes the room appear more open.

Bedroom Furniture for Small Rooms
Increase floor space in a small bed room by removing unnecessary pieces of furniture. Remember, the main function of the room is for sleeping; therefore, the bed should be the largest, most prominent piece of furniture in the room.

Whatever the size closet, use space saving closet organizing components for optimized storage space. A shoe rack will keep shoes handy and in one small area, instead of having multi pairs of shoes take up valuable floor space.

Too many objects and too many prints will make the room appear smaller, stuffy, and closed in; instead of open, airy, and relaxing. Although using wall space can be helpful for creating more floor space, too many things on the wall will make the room appear overcrowded and smaller.

Create More Space in Small Family Rooms
Family rooms are usually more casual than other rooms of the house and are therefore easier to apply space saving decorating ideas.

One small room decorating idea perfect for the family room is stack-able seating. A bean bag chair, for instance, offers comfortable seating for adults and children, and can be stacked in a closet or corner of the room when not in use.

Bean bag furniture – including love seat and sofa beanies – can be moved out of the way to create more space when needed; quickly, easily, and with little effort. And with today’s fun prints and fabrics, there is a bean bag style that will compliment almost any type interior design decor.

Easy Decorating Tip for Small Dining Rooms
The easiest way to create more space in a small dining room is to downsize the table. A small dining room table, or one with removable leaves that can be stored away when not in use, will go a long way in making the room look more open and spacious.

A small corner china cabinet will save additional space; displaying but a few simple pieces will make the room appear less cluttered and give the illusion of more space.

Space Saving Kitchen Tips
Adding space to the heart of any home – the kitchen – can be effectively accomplished by adding built-ins.

“Borrowing” extra space from an adjoining room will cost much less than adding new space onto the kitchen. Accommodating such built in features as a built in oven or refrigerator.

Light-color solid-surface counter tops visually brighten the room and makes it appear larger; under the counter small kitchen appliances will increase counter space and reduce clutter.

Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger
Small bathroom design can be made to look larger with a few fast easy decorating tips.

Enhance small bathroom space using pale, cool colors that reflect light; whites, pastels, and neutral colors to make the bathroom appear larger than it really is.

Another idea for how to make a small room look bigger is to use vertical stripes on the walls – drawing the eye upward and giving the illusion of a higher ceiling. Simple, sheer window coverings will allow in more light and help the room feel more open.

As with any small room, less clutter equals more space, and the less oppressive the room will feel. So make full use of storage compartments by adding racks, bins, and shelves. And whenever possible, keep storage flush with walls; built in storage between wall studs is an easy option.

Small Apartment Furniture
Fortunately for homeowners with small rooms, many furniture showrooms have entire sections devoted to small apartment and space saving furniture.

Small apartment furniture is down-sized; attractively designed specifically for limited spaces. Some have an ingenious collapsible space saving design; others have hidden space saving storage, fit in a corner, or are simply smaller versions of standard-sized furniture.

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing new furniture, visiting small apartment furniture showrooms will give you unique home decor accent and small room decorating ideas you can implement to create the illusion of more space.

Placing Mirror on the Wall
One of the best, least expensive ways to decorate small rooms and create the illusion of more space is with the use of a mirror.

A decorative mirror, especially a large wall mirror, will act as a room expander when strategically placed to reflect light or an attractive element in the room. Such as a window with a scenic view, a doorway into another room, a fireplace, or artwork.

A lighted mirror will add warmth and depth to a small room with otherwise subdued lighting. A large mirror on the long wall of a narrow room will make the room appear wider.

Wall Colors for Small Room Design
Color is important for any room, but especially for small rooms.One color idea for small rooms is to add depth using solid colors. Using one color for the wall of one room, and another for the door opening and walls in the next room to accentuate and define the space.

Separating the walls of a small room into blocks of color can also add visual depth. Use gentle tones of color in layers. If you want to keep wall colors neutral, select an accent color and layer it throughout the room with accessories to brighten up the room and bring it depth.

Continuing a single color theme in two connecting rooms is a good way to help dissolve the lines between the two rooms and open them up to each other. This technique is only effective, however, when used for adjoining rooms that fall in the same line of sight.

Neutral, light shades and bright colors work best; avoid dark colors. Avoid patterned wallpaper, which has the tendency to overpower small spaces.

Terrific Space Saving Idea
One great space saving idea that provides oodles of extra storage space is to build a floor to ceiling corner book shelf. Or a floor to ceiling space saving shelf that only takes up about 12-inches of floor space. Providing ample display space for collections and books.

Built in book cases with a cupboard unit underneath for added storage are also great. A shelf built wide and deep enough can accommodate a television – creating even more floor space and making the room appear larger. Track lighting overhead creates interest, depth, and warmth.

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