Marble is one of the beautiful stone which is used to furnish home. Marble gives a visual appeal to the home and is used as a home decor. It adds its beauty to the home interiors. Marble is a soft stone and is highly porous in nature and therefore requires lots of maintenance and care. It easily gets damaged when it comes in contact with acids such as vinegar, citrus juices like orange, tomato, lime etc..

There are some easy tips to clean and maintain marble flooring. These tips would help in keeping the marble shine forever.

  • Dust mopping should be done on regular basis with a clean sponge mop and fresh clean water. Vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean the floor. This would help in maintaining the long lasting shine of marble. Do not use brooms for cleaning the floor.
  • For regular cleaning, use marble cleaners, ideally meant for cleaning marble floors. One can also use neutral cleaners for cleaning purposes. These cleaners are easily available in the market.
  • Do not use any acid to clean the marble. As marbles are porous in nature the use of acids like vinegar, would damage it easily. This would also make the marble polish dull. Cleaning compounds which contains acids or high alkaline should not be used for cleaning purposes.
  • Keep your furniture on carpets or mats so as to avoid scratching on marble floor while shifting them to new positions. Pads and furniture protector can also be used to protect the floor from scratching. They are available in different dimensions in the market.
  • Water spill on the floor should be wiped out immediately as these splits would lead to the creation of water spots on the floor. This would also make the floor discolored as the normal water might contain magnesium, chlorine and other minerals which may leave strains on the floor after dying. Soft cloth or sponge can be used to wipe up water.
  • To maintain the marble shine and polish one can use various kits available in the market. These kits would help in removing water spots and protects it from damages.
  • Door mats should be used in order to prevent the floor from outside dust and dirt. This would also help in preventing scratches on the floor.
  • For sugar strains, use warm water to moisten up the sponge. Use marble cleaner and then scrub and wipe it with fresh clean water. Dry the place with tissue paper.
  • For food strains, moisten up the sponge with warm water containing hydrogen peroxide. Use marble cleaner and scrub it. Wipe it up with fresh clean water. Repeat the step if needed until the strain wipes out. Quick action is recommended for such strains. Do not allow the strain to dry.
  • Tea strains can be easily removed by using little quantity of hydrogen peroxide. Just mop the strain with the sponge soaked in hydrogen peroxide and rinse it. However one has to be more careful if the tiles are etched. Quick action is required for such strains.
  • Use Rust remover in order to remove rust strains. It is easily available in the market. Apply a about a half-inch of thick coating of rust remover and powdered whitening mixture and cover it by  plastic wrapper. After 15 to 20 minutes rub it and then rinse it with fresh water. You can repeat it until the strain goes off.

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  1. I agree with you that marble is one of the beautiful stone which is used to furnish home. It is a beautiful home appliance to improving the home productivity. I am very thankful to the author for sharing the valuable information.

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