Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom

  • According to the Feng Shui rules the best shapes for an ideal bedroom are rectangular or square. Keeping any of these shapes helps in increasing the regular flow of chi and eliminating the shars that are basically caused by irregular room shapes.
  • It is always better to have only one entrance door in the bed room as the two doors may increase the traffic inside the room and thus the occupants will have to loose their privacy. For peaceful sleep it becomes must to keep single entrance door.
  • Avoid keeping any exposed beam or slanted ceiling. If the room ceiling is sloppy then you must place your bed where ceiling is on its highest part. You can cover the exposed beams using two bamboo flutes.
  • Whenever you plan your bedroom, just ensure that it should the focal room of your entire home and thus there should always be calmness and relaxing vibes inside it. Ranging from color selection to the placement of television sets, everything counts a lot and if possible, avoid having TV inside the bedroom.
  • Water bodies and element such as pictures or photos of water, aquarium should never be installed in the bedroom as it is the place for red color and fire.
  • Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom
    Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom

    In order to get the perfect inflow of chi in to the bedroom you should make provisions to allow good flow of light and air. To let in the natural light and air you must open the room windows for at least half an hour on daily basis. This exercise discourages the bad elements to come inside the house and thereby ascertaining sound health of all the inmates.

  • Right placement of bed is considered to be the most important feng shui bedroom management tips as this is the pivotal furniture piece for a bedroom. Ideally, the bed should be positioned diagonally across the bedroom entrance at a commanding location with the headboard placed against a wall. People inside the bedroom should be able to see the entrance door when they are on their bed.
  • The best positioning idea for the bed is to keep it diagonally from the room entrance, if possible.
  • The room door should not face the bed foot directly.
  • Maintaining equal balance of energy on both the sides of bed is a must as per the Feng Shui rules. You can do the same by placing side table on both the sides of the bed else you may avoid it at all. The bed should not be faced by any sharp angles of any type of furniture like table.
  • Make the best possible arrangements to see the person entering into your bedroom in an ideal position where you need not to turn your head more than 45 degrees. You can also install a mirror to see the person coming through the doorway.
  • Only keep the necessary furniture inside the bedroom so that it doesn’t look cluttered or overcrowded. Take extra care of the proportionate bed size while making your selection. If you wish to add an extra feeling of lavishness to your bed then you can big sized cushions teamed up with the natural cotton bed sheets.
  • There should not be any beam over the bed and if it is not possible then you should keep the bed in such a way that the beam runs the length not the width.
  • Square shape pillows should be used in the room as this shape augments positive energy flow and stimulations. For better results you can try yellow color pillows.
  • Mirrors reflecting bed should not be installed inside the bedroom or you can immediately change the position to ensure auspicious outcomes. If the alternate placement is not possible then you can cover it with a cloth piece that can only be removed at the time of using the mirror. For stronger relationship you can keep a round shaped mirror into your bedroom fulfilling the other important conditions.
  • Your bedroom should be free from the gadgets or appliances for example tape, radio, computer sets, recorders, television, stereos, heater, video players, intercom and electronic watches, etc. Referring the Feng Shi guidelines, it is found that electronic devices, if kept inside the bedroom, will create magnetic waves that can adversely affect the people sleeping in the room.
  • Time to time overhauling and reshuffling is must to get rid of an overstuffed bedroom and under this process you can remove anything that you do not require t be in your room anymore. If you find some stuff necessary for you then you can keep that into other rooms or portions so that you can get that easily as and when you need that.
  • Colors have a great impact on your behavior and emotions and this is the reason why Feng Shui lays huge emphasis on its significance. Loud or brighter wall colors can create hindrance into your peaceful sleeping. On the contrary, muted or calm shades can bring peace and restful appeal into your place.
  • Defining proper mood is not possible without perfect lightening arrangements. For a bedroom dim lights are considered to be the best. Thus you can now switch out the loud bulbs with the lower voltage ones. Get a dimmer switch installed inside the bedroom or you can try something unique by replacing the bright bulbs altogether with the decent candles.

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