Color choices for different rooms

You can use color to help you create any atmosphere in your home, from calming to invigorating.Bear in mind how the room is used to help you decide which color to choose.

Color Choices For Hallways

Hallways should be welcoming and bright, and as people don’t linger in a hall they can often take a stronger shade than a room that’s used for relaxing.Bright citrus yellows, for example, are especially invigorating and can work extremely well in halls.If you have stairs in hallway, you may need to continue the same color up to the stairwell and the landing, so you should ensure the color still appeals to you when it is applied to the upstairs wall as well.

Color Choices For Living Rooms

Living Rooms are for both relaxing and entertaining.Muted tones neutral shades used as a background color will help create a relaxing environment where you and your guest will feel comfortable.To bring some energy to the scheme you might introduce an accent wall covered in a brightly patterned wallpaper, or choose dramatic curtains and colorful accessories.

Color Choices For Kitchen

Kitchens are used throughout the day, so choose a background color that’s easy to live with and doesn’t dominate this busy room.

Color Choices For Dining Room

Dining rooms are convivial places used solely for entertaining, and as they are often used in the evening they can be decorated with paints and wallpapers in darker, dramatic shades such as deep red or midnight blue which work well illuminated by artificial lights.

Color Choices for Bedroom

Bedrooms are for sleeping and winding down.In adult rooms, soothing lilacs and pale blues aid restfulness and sleep.Children love bright colors but they may be too distracting keep walls pale and add splashes of color with accessories that can be easily changed as the child grows up.

Color Choices For Bathroom

Bathrooms are often decorated in watery shades, such as blues, whites and aquas; these are also relaxing colors, an aid to unwinding in the tub after a hectic day.Natural shades of beige and stone bring warmth to walls and are also a good choice for bathrooms and shower-rooms, helping to balance the cool white of sanitary ware.

Quick Trick

To add some liveliness to your scheme, choose cushions and ornaments in contrasting colors to the walls and furniture.They’re easily replaceable when you want to update the scheme.

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