Office Reception plays a very important role. They are one of the most important places in the office. It is the first place when you enter into the office. Reception of the office helps in building the first impression about the office and the employees. It is the place where every client or the customer visits and analyse the environment of the office. A reception designed in a unique way would helps in building a welcoming and inviting atmosphere within the office. It helps in creating the first and the last impression in the minds of every visitor. It helps in bringing positivity in the clients who would be joining or have joined hands to work together. On the other hand, a reception with a cluttered designing would make the clients rethink before working with you. Therefore an office reception should be attractive, stylish as well as professional. Interior designing has come up with the latest designs for designing your reception in a unique way. There are various designs also available on the internet. You can also take help of it.

Before finalizing the design make sure that the design should be able to convey the correct message to the visitor. It should be able to build in a right impression and brand value. Following are some of the office reception ideas which you can consider while searching and finalizing the reception:-

  • Office Reception Design Ideas
    Office Reception is the first space that visitors go to when you visit an office

    Colours play a very important role in building up a right atmosphere. It helps in managing the mood of the visitor. Make sure you use right combination of colours. You can use light shades of blue, green or yellow. White is the common colour to give your reception a formal and professional look. Before finalizing on the colour, make sure you visualize the design and the colour combination which you want to use. You can also give textures to the wall. Paint one of the walls with bright colour like brown to create a focal point and other four walls with off white colour.

  • Next element is furniture. Comfort, durability and quality are the main factors one should keep in mind while purchasing furniture. Make sure the furniture that you select for your reception is comfortable to sit and relax. Also the furniture should be of right quality and durable. You can place a sofa set or comfortable chairs for your visitors in the reception. Good and comfortable furniture reflects the professionalism about the office. It also makes the reception look attractive and friendly.

There are some options available which you can switch on to for creating the comfortable environment in the reception:

Leather Seating: One of the options which you can use for decorating your reception is leather seating. It is an expensive option and is quite popular among the business community. It is one of the most comfortable chairs and builds up a professional look in the waiting room. At the same time it provides a comfortable seating to your clients.

Fabric Seating: Another option available is fabric seating which can be used for decorating and enhancing the look of your office reception. This option is not a top end option and is cheaper than leather chairs. These chairs provide an ideal combination of functionality.

  • Plants play a very important role. Beautify your reception by placing green plants. Do not add delicate plants. You can place crotons with colourful leaves or plant with flowers. Plants make the reception fresh and clean. They create a welcoming and warm environment within the office premises.
  • Make sure you add a logo with company’s name at the back wall of the reception desk or on the entrance.
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