Office is the place where people come to work together. It is the place where they do various job to achieve a specific goal and objective. A number of jobs are done in office. Be it sales or purchases or any other job it is the combined effort of the employees who work in. Every employee has a different set of job. Various employees are assigned various jobs according to their capability and knowledge.

While redesigning or redesigning your office workplace one should always remember that the place should be comfortable enough for employees to sit and to move around. The office should be spacious and should serve the purpose of employees to accomplish their jobs. There are many designs available to decorate your workstation. Before finalizing the design it is advised to check the design from all the aspects. It should serve the need and requirement of your office.  Also you should be sure about the right style, furniture and ambiance of the office. We know that every person has a separate cubical to work with pile up of documents and files in one side of workstation. Therefore while selecting one should always remember that the design should be comfortable for employees to sit and discuss about their work together. At the same time the office should be spacious enough to move. There should be place to fix cabinets so as to store important documents or file. Following are the tips which you can use to transform your place into simple modified workstations for your employees to work. You can also consult an interior designer for help and ideas. He will help you out in selecting the right quality furniture and style and build up a good ambiance for you to work in.

  • Office Workstation Design Ideas
    Office Workstation Design Ideas

    You can add pictures or a small green plant to beautify your work place. You may add more beauty to your work area by adding few pictures or a plant next to your desk. You can make your workstation look good by using laminated wood in maple colour with rounded corners. Add a chair which is comfortable and which suits with the cubicle design. It should be of good quality and make sure that you can sit for long hours without any backaches. You can also consult the interior designer. Internet is another option from which you can get ideas and designs regarding chairs. You can also visit the local retailer or surf through magazines to get an idea of the price and designs on office furniture.

  • It is advised to be very clear from your end before making any final decisions. Always make a budget after consulting the retailers or dealers regarding the furniture.
  • There should be ample space to store the documents and files relating to work. There should be cabinets and cupboards to store all necessary papers. Make sure your office is spacious even after installing workstations and cabinets to move freely. This space can also be used for future expansions as it is quite difficult to calculate specific number of employees who can join at later stage.
  • Paint the walls with those colours which give a formal look. White and off white colours are the most common colours used to paint the office walls. You can also use light yellow colour. This brings in an inviting look and also makes the office look spacious and bigger.
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  1. Well it totally depends on your personal tastes and likes. If you are in favor of dark colors, then go for darker shades like red, bottle green, navy blue. If you are a fan of light colors, then use beige, cream, light grey, etc. As for your curtains, they should ofcourse compliment the colors of your walls.

  2. Make sure that you keep your files and other important documents neatly stacked in your shelves. You should try replacing your current desk with a milk desk. They are very fashionable and are very different wooden desks found in almost all offices these days.

  3. You should certainly get some nice dark colored sofas or couches for your office. They will give a professional yet stylish touch to your office. Nice paintings will look good on your walls too. You should focus a bit on the office lighting as well.

  4. I personally think that you should paint the walls in light colors like ivory white, cream or beige. Then in order to give a contrast get dark colored curtains like red, emerald green or navy blue. Get some nice black furniture and green plants.

  5. I need your advice regarding designing my office. My office is quite large and has a cupboard and two shelves for storing books, files etc. What color do you think suits the office environment? And what kind of curtains do I go for?

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