Reasons to Choose Glass Splashback For Kitchens

Splashbacks are sheets attached to the wall to protect against stains. Generally, splashbacks they are used above basins to cover the walls from splashing. The concept of using splash backs in other areas of kitchen, where there are chances of accumulation of dirt is gaining popularity. The major reasons why one should choose Glass Splashbacks for kitchens are as under:

  • Easy to clean: The main purpose of Splash backs is cleanliness. Glass splash backs are very easy to maintain and can be cleaned by a damp cotton cloth or by using a simple glass cleaner. Once wiped, they look as good as new. As compared to other splash backs, Glass is the most inert substance and is therefore not affected by chemicals and other erosive substances making it a good alternative.
  • Reasons to Choose Glass Splash back For Kitchens
    This is a great way to spruce up your kitchen.

    Variety: Glass splash backs are available in a number of colors ranging from transparent to black. The plethora of alternative colors available for Glass splash back can be used in any style of kitchen i.e. from traditionally styled to modern kitchen. Multiple colored glass splashes of bright contrasting color when complemented with suitable furniture can be used to give an ultra modern outlook to the kitchen.

  • Free Designing: Though standard splash backs are available in straight sheets or rectangular shapes, a number of vendors these days provide customized shapes and size of glass splashes with bends and design to cover the required area of the kitchen walls. These customized splashes, though slightly expensive as compared to plain splashes, can enhance the beauty of the kitchen by giving that perfect fit.
  • Quick installation: Glass splashes are easy to install. Once cut to the right size, it takes very little time to install. The glass splashes are fixed to the wall with the help of a screw or at they are at times glued to the wall. Use of frames, though once popular for fixing glass splashes, is no longer in vogue.
  • Modern Look: Though glass splashes can be used for any type of kitchen, glass splashes help in giving a modern outlook to the kitchen. The variety of colors available in splashes along with the glitter that they add to the space, makes complement kitchen with any type of interior work ranging from wooden interior to cold steel interior.
  • Heat Resistant: Most of the glass splashes are toughened to tolerate higher temperatures. The popularly available glass splashes in the market are heat resistant up to 200C. One should carefully enquire about the heat resistance of the material before installing it in areas exposed to heat as some of the variants of glass splashes are non toughened and therefore not resistant to high temperatures.
  • Light reflection: Glass splashes are translucent and just like mirrors; they reflect a lot of light into the kitchen making it a brighter place. If used on the walls opposite the lighting source or window, the reflection of light from the splashes adds to the vibrancy of the kitchen.

Glass splashes, with their multiple advantages and utility are gaining popularity in kitchens.

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