Tips on Hanging and Arranging Pictures

Pictures are the most popular form of wall decoration.They can or often do establish the mood or theme of a room.It would be to your advantage to make at least a brief study of art appreciation in order to know something of artist past and present and what they were or are trying to show in their paintings.Then you will be better able to select from the many paintings you might like the one that best expresses the feeling that you want to create in a room.

There are many ways to arrange the pictures:-

  • Pictures that are of same size and related in subject matter can be placed in groups either vertically or horizontally.
  • It is not a good idea to place pictures in steps arrangement diagonally except on the wall next to the staircase.
  • When pictures are used in groups the frame should either match or harmonize with each other.
  • A vertical arrangement of pictures can be used in a space that is higher than its width and a horizontal arrangement can be used in a long area such as the wall behind a sofa.
  • A picture of a group of pictures can be used over a low piece of furniture to balance a higher place of furniture in the same room usually on the opposite walls.
  • When they are used individually different types of pictures in different types of frames can be used in the same room.
  • One large picture on the wall and two or three smaller one on another wall make a good balanced arrangement.
  • A picture hung alone or a row of picture placed horizontally should be at the eye level of an adult standing in the room.
  • When walls are patterned the subject matter of a picture becomes particularly important.A lot of fine detail in a picture will conflict with the patterned background.Subjects that have large area of one color such as pictures featuring water or sky are always good.
  • If you have long narrow piece of furniture in a room, for e.g a buffet or side board in a dinning room and you want to hang two or three pictures vertically over it, you do not have to center it, you can hang them off center near one end of a piece of furniture.
  • Lighting plays an important part in creating the effect you are looking for. An artwork commands more attention, when lighting is directed to it. The artwork should be illuminated in such a way that glare is not produced by the lighting.
  • Be careful not to hang all the pictures in one room. Leaving the other walls empty will create an imbalance.

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