A lamp is one of the essential elements in a home. The lamps are normally used to decorate and illuminate the room and house. A lamp can create a long lasting impression among your friends, relatives about you. Lamps are used to add color and spice in life. They make the dull room attractive and colorful. Therefore it is important to have the right kind of lamp with right size and right style. You can leave a great impression on others by placing the right kind of lamp in the room.

There are different styles of lamp available. You can use Victorian lamp or a modern lamp. You can also place a country style lamp, wrought Iron or antique lamps in your room as per your room theme. Lamps are also available in different colors. They can change your mood and emotions. You can also use stained glasses to decorate your room. These glasses make the room glow in the same color in which the glass is.

The functionality of every room is different from each other and therefore the lighting of each room should complement such a way that it serves not even the functionality of the room but make it beautiful. Lamps are used for different purposes. Lamps are used commonly for task lighting or for ambient lighting. Task lighting lamps are normally used where you need more focused light. Kitchen and reading room are the major rooms where you need bright lights so that you can work properly. Task lights are used in such places. On the other hand the ambient lighting is used to create a mood or a relaxing environment. This light creates a calm and wonderful environment for you when you come back to home after a stressful day. Both these lights need different types of lamps. Therefore when you want to purchase a lamp, you should be clear from your end as which type of lighting you want in the room. Below are discussed some styles which you can consider.

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Victorian Style

Victorian Style: The Victorian style houses consists mainly flooring made of marble, stained glass, wallpapers mainly floral, and pottery tiles. If you want to decorate your room in Victorian style then, you can find table lamps which constitute the same theme. A lamp for the Victorian style room should be decorative and artistic. It should be colorful with floral paints.

Wrought Iron lamps: These are another type of lamps. These types of lamps can be put in any room. You can say that they are fit for every style of room. You can place it on the table, or on a night stand. These lamps not only provide lighting but also serve as ornamental pieces on any table or shelf. They are beautiful and are useful too.

Rustic Table Lamps: Rustic lamps can be used over antique wooden tables. These types of lamps build in a great Impression and style. This type of lamps does not go with modern room interior and are more appropriate for quite traditional theme rooms.  You can place a table lamp with rustic wooden frame decorated with antlers to give your home a traditional look.

Modern: The modern lighting can change the entire look of the room. There are many designs available in the market which can make your every room in your house an exciting place to live in. Modern lighting is becoming popular nowadays among people because of its latest and unique designs.

Practical things to keep in mind while purchasing lamps:

  • Change shades from time to time. This will keep your room updated.
  • You can place several lamps in order to avoid dullness in the room.
  • The shade of the lamp should not be larger than the surface upon which the lamp sits.
  • Check the quality of the lamp and its lighting.

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