Tips for Garden Lighting

If you are interested in lighting an established garden, you should visit the garden after dark because the garden will look entirely different. It is quite possible that the corners which may have looked impressive in the afternoon will disappear when it’s dark. You can make your garden magical with strategic garden lighting. It is also possible that you could start installing fairy lights to decorate, colored lights to create a certain feelings or spotlights to highlight a special feature in your garden. By using lighted waterfalls, lighted ponds, and lighted trees, you can create an evening wonderland of beauty. You can also find range of different light styles, such as, modern, rural, habitual or completely hidden. Your garden will look awesome by selection of proper lighting fixtures and styles. If you are unable to hire any gardener for your garden, below tips will help you in lighting your garden. Although, you can use different lighting fixtures, such as:

  • Path Lights: Path lights are fixed on the garden; path lights release a large spreading light which is suitable for running along paths.
  • Landscape LightingBack Lights: Back lights are opposite to up lights. Back lights are been placed at the back side of the feature that they wish to highlight. Usually back lights are hidden from view. These lights are used to generate attractive shadows on walls or sometimes these lights are used to highlight the shape of object. While you wish some areas to be dazzled and some other areas faintly darken, you can use back lights.
  • Up Lights: You may know these better as spotlights or floodlights. Up lights produce a strong beam that is appropriate to highlight some element in the garden like, fountains, ponds, trees, or some garden based elements. While you wish to create a delicate feel with some flexible lighting, possibly up lights and path lights is the answer.
  • Down Lights: Most of the times, down lights are in use of security purposes which can be suitable for copying the light of moon and it will help in creating a special feeling in your garden.
  • Water Features Lighting: You can have lighting in your ponds, waterfalls etc and many of the lightings are very easy in installing and run on only 12 volts. 
  • Specialty Lights: Some kinds of lights are specially used for particular occasions or parties. Fairy lights, party lights, string lights, etc are included in the Specialty lights.


You should find greener and more energy competent solutions. It is advisable not to use older style lights as these kinds of lights are very ineffective, produce a lot of heat and want the bulbs to be changed repeatedly. Instead of using these old-style lights, it is better to consider fitting LED lighting fixtures.

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