Color Schemes play an important role. They are the most important elements in interior designing. They play a very important role in every aspect of designing be it home or office. They build up a different mood and atmosphere altogether. They are the most effective tool in creating a relaxing and welcoming environment. Bring in the same feeling in your bathroom as well with the use of color scheme ideas. Avoid using neutrals or dark colors like red, black etc as these colors will make your room look small and congested. Try using something which can build up a relaxing atmosphere like white, cream or light grey.

You can use two colors on the wall to divide the space with wainscoting. It will give a wonderful and amazing effect in your bathroom. Before you settle down on a shade, it is important to judge what color makes you relaxing and comfortable. Ask yourself in which color you want to paint your bathroom with.

Following are few color themes and schemes which you can use in your Bathroom:


Bathroom color scheme ideas
A bathroom with two color schemes

Cream is a very common color. It is most commonly used by the people.   Cream shade not only looks amazing but also builds up a relaxing environment. You can color the walls with cream shades and can fix the accessories accordingly. One of the benefits of using cream color is that it is quite easy to clean. Also it gets easily coordinated with almost all colors of accessories.  Just choose any color of your choice and combine it with cream to decorate your room.  You can combine dark green with accessories colored in cream shade. I believe you will definitely enjoy the combination.


White is the one of the usual and is the very common color. Just paint your bathroom with white color and enhance the look. White color normally goes with any color accessories. It builds up a wonderful combination with almost all colors. Be it blue, or pink color curtains, towels, and tiles, white color wall colors can do wonders. White color also builds up a relaxing color within the room and if planned properly can do wonders. You can paint lower half of the bathroom with any dark color like sea blue or green and then paint the upper part with white color to give a welcoming combination.


Yellow is a cheerful color and may be the color which can refresh you early in the morning. It can become one of the best choices if you have a good source of natural light. Yellow color walls would give your bathroom a fresh glow when it comes in contact with the fresh light. Remember to use pure yellow color only. Avoid green or orange tint as this may reduce the beauty of yellow color. You can use soft yellow for painting the window. This will bring a warm and relaxing feeling in the bathroom.


Blue is also one of the popular choices to decorate your bathroom. Blue is the color of water, sea, and the sky. This color looks amazing and builds a cool atmosphere within the bathroom. You can combine it with white color to give a fresh look. This will also give you a relaxed and soothing feeling

Create a blue color scheme by painting your walls with white color and installing bathroom set like bathtub, sink, soap case and other dispensers. This will give your bathroom a smart and different look to your room.

There are different shades of blue color which can choose for your bathroom. You can paint the walls with light blue color or a sea blue color. Turquoise and aqua are also popular colors. These colors will give a cooling and calm effect to the bathroom.


Green is also one of the popular colors. Green is the color of nature. It is the color of calmness. Color your bathroom walls with green color and give your bathroom a fresh look. There are different shades of color which goes wonderful with white color. Choose green as the wall color for your bathroom and white color accessories. It also goes well with shades of yellow, dark purple or black. You can also use different shades of green color like sea green or jade to give your bathroom a wonderful appearance. This can be an excellent choice if you want a country-style or shabby chic bathroom. It works well with dark purples, blacks and some shades of yellow and orange.


You can paint your bathroom with purple color to give it an elegant and amazing look. Purple is an amazing color. I am not just talking about the old dark purple. Try using some fresh and fine modern purple colors like mauve, vintage wine. These purples can give an elegant as well warm look to the bathroom.


It’s nothing wrong to paint your bathroom with natural shades like rose or blue colors. Go with natural shades and decorate your bathroom.

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  1. I found that cream, white or ivory work best in bathrooms and then you add a large mirror or two to reflect the light. With these colors you can add a personal touch by adding bright or neutral (or any) color towels and decorative items that can be easily changed, according to your mood.

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