Benefits of Blinds over Curtains

As the craze for home décor and furnishing is growing, so is the demand for blinds over curtains. Blinds form a very integral part of the house. Lately people are not just concerned with the home furnishings and flooring but are also conscious about the type and style of blind they are choosing. Apart from boosting the beauty of the house, blinds are also useful in obstructing some of the daylight. Apart from blocking light to enter in, blinds are also helpful in protecting the furniture and fabric from fading caused by the sun rays. Blinds acts as great insulator in both cold and hot weather. Blinds also affixes style and glamour to the room and a contemporary look out to the house. Blinds are gaining in popularity now days because they are more convenient and durable than curtains. Every home has a different shape and size of window panes, in that case concept of made to measure blinds is very useful. Though it asks for shedding some extra bugs and extra time for the maker but the time and money spent on it is worth it. Array of blinds are available in the market, varying form different shapes to different sizes and patterns. Blinds are made of fabrics that block majority of light from outside because of which they have an upper edge over curtains.

Reasons as to why window blinds are often favored over curtains:

  • Maintenance– blinds are easy to maintain and clean as compared to curtains. Blinds can be cleaned with the help of damp cloth or a duster. Whereas, to clean curtains, you require pulling them down the pelmet and wash them in the washing machine.
  • Versatility– traditionally, blinds were used in professional places and homes were ruled by curtains. Blinds are much easy to clean and install because of which they have gained attention in homes too. Window blinds are better from privacy perspective too as most of the blinds are opaque whereas curtains are translucent.
  • Benefits of Blinds over Curtains
    Blinds are made of fabrics that block majority of light from outside because of which they have an upper edge over curtains.

    Appearance– to provide a contemporary look to the house, blinds is the best options available for your window and room. Blinds also provide a fresh and clean look to the room. Though both blinds and curtains are available in a variety of colors and textures, color of curtain fade after multiple washes. This is not the case with blinds.

  • Material– now days blinds is available in variety of design, shapes and sizes thus helpful for people having different fondness. They are available in variety of material and price; ranging from low to high price.
  • Durability– blends is more durable than curtains. The maintenance cost on blends is too less then the cost incurred in maintaining curtains. In case of vertical blinds, even if one or two blind gets damaged they can be easily and cheaply replaced. Whereas, this is not the case with curtains.
  • Health criteria– if someone in home have some health issues like allergy then one should avoid use of curtains and should go blinds. Curtains attract lots of dust and allergens.

The overall benefits of blinds make them an attractive alternative for household needs.

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