Country Style Kitchen

Designing your kitchen in a Country style is one of the popular ways. Country style has always remained a favorite style from past many years. Kitchen is one of the important places in the home as it makes the home complete. This is the place where mummies prepare food for her family and guests. It is also the place where family and guests come together to celebrate birthdays, anniversary etc.

Country style kitchen mostly reflects the culture of Early American. Cabinets made of wood painted in gray or white hinges will remind you regarding the old farm houses. You can also use stained glass for door panels. Add some lights to illuminate your cabinets within. You can also color in hues of yellow, blue or off white. You can place a granite countertop instead of glossy countertops. This will give your kitchen a natural look.

Decorate your kitchen with appliances. For appliances you can choose traditional appliances. Place a stove colored in traditional white color. You can place a refrigerator with textured door.

Country Style Kitchen
Country Style Kitchen

Normally country kitchen are spacious and big. They are large as it includes dining table at the center of the room. When you are decorating the kitchen in country style, do not forget table and chairs in the dining hall. Choose table and chair which matches with the interiors of the kitchen. Generally the furniture in this style is made of solid wood which comes straight from the trees. You can place a high backed chairs made of wood along with decorative cushions. Pine wood furniture would also be the best one to place in your kitchen.

Accessories play a very important role while designing the kitchen in country style. It is one of the major element which helps in bringing the feel of country style into the interiors. Take your time and search in the markets for best accessories. The best place would be your old city market. Display your crockery. You can place an antique brass cookware or antique butter churner. This will bring up the country feeling in your kitchen. It would also remind you your ancestors living style.

Decorate the windows to make your kitchen a unique one. You can use curtains to decorate them. Make sure the prints on the curtains have country theme only. You can hang curtains featuring animals like cows. Make sure the curtains should be same for both kitchen as well as dining room. Curtains with hues of rust, reds, blues or greens would be the best one to go for. Instead of curtains you can also use shutters in sides of the window to give the kitchen a complete look.

For more early American interiors hang a photograph of a landscape or featuring animals grassing the field. For lighting, iron chandelier is the popular one in this type of style. They look elegant and bring up a warm and relaxing environment. Instead of iron you can also use chandeliers made of brass or copper. Hang it above the dining table. Also add a vase with few flowers in it in the center of the dining table. Make sure that the glass vase you use is not glossy.  Place bowls with fruits to give the kitchen a compete look.

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