Sanitary Appliances And Their Specifications

Sanitary fittings are important in every home. They are used for disposing of the waste and cleaning the home.  Sanitary fittings with regards to their functions have been divided into two groups. One of the groups is waste appliances. This group includes those appliances which are used for cleansing. Wash basins, showers, bath tubs are few of the waste appliances to name. Another group is soil appliances. These are the appliances which are mainly used to dispose of the wastage. They are mainly used to discharge excreta matter. Water closet and urinal are the examples of these appliances. These appliances are made of ceramic, stainless steel and sometimes plastic. They are also made up of vitreous chinaware or glazed fire clay. The material that is used to make all these sanitary appliances is non-absorbent and non-corroding. It is also smooth and therefore is quite easy to clean.

General Specifications of Sanitary Ware

Wash basins:

Wash basins are available in various designs and styles. They also come in various colors and patterns. You can choose wash basin as per your need and preferences. Make sure that the color you choose should match with the interiors of your bathroom or kitchen. You can also place a wash basin at the corner wall of your dining hall. Then, it is quite important to check the size and designs of the wash basin. Make sure it does not look bad and should suit your interiors. Corner basin would be the best choice to go for when the basins are to be installed in the room. Wash basins are also available in various materials. If it is to be installed in kitchen then the basin should be made of stainless steel and not ceramic. Ceramic wash basins are not as durable as stainless steel basins are. Before purchasing the wash basin, make sure you have the dimensions of the place where it has to be fixed. They are available in many sizes. Also check the quality. The basin should not have holes or cracks. Check the color.


Sanitary Appliances
Sanitary Appliances

Showers also come in various sizes and designs. You can choose one of them which best suits with your bathroom interiors. Visit the nearby retailer and check all the designs and patterns available in the market. Before purchasing the final shower check the quality. It is important to check the material. Showers are mainly made of stainless steel or plastic. You can buy any one of them which you think would give an elegant look to your bathroom. Check the finish.

Bath tubs:

Before purchasing a bathtub it is important that you have the dimensions of your bathroom. Check as to which size of bath tub would be the best one to install in your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, then check for the tub which is small in size. After installation of the tub, there should be ample of space to move in your bathroom. It is advised to take ample time before purchasing the final one. Check the suitability of the bathtub and the design. Make sure that the tub should match with your bathroom interiors. Check the quality and color. Bathtubs are mainly made of ceramic. Check the finishes. The bath tub should be smooth with no cracks or uneven surface.


Urinals are made of various materials. They are generally made of ceramic. They are also made of stainless steel. It is first important to be sure from your end as to what kind of urinal you want. Do you want to go for a western style urinal or an Indian style? It is only then, check out for the colors and designs. Urinals are available in various colors. You can choose the one which best suits with your bathroom interior. Check that the quality of the urinal is good. There should be a proper drainage system in it and also should be smooth with no cracks.

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