Timber Buying Guide

No matter for what purpose you need timber, be it for cutting and preparing window frames, making furniture, or laying them on the roof of your house, it is very important to check the quality of timber. You should be well aware of the guidelines specified. Timber is a wood which is used for construction purposes or for paper production. These woods are available in rough as well as furnished finishes. They come in many species mainly hardwood. Furnished timber is mostly available in same sizes as they are generally used for construction purposes. This wood is graded when are meant for selling. The high grade wood can be used for flooring. Therefore, while purchasing you should check the grade at which the timber wood is falling and should also know why this grading has been given. These grading indicates the quality of the wood. There are certain standards which the wood should fulfill.  If not then they are graded as lower. Generally the grading of the wood changes when following things must have happened in the mill:

  1. It has damaged during the transit
  2. Got bumped in warehouse
  3. Got wet in spring and then was dried which may have caused distortions.
  4. There is a small defect which was detected while grading

Points to keep in mind:

  • If you find that your timber is not able to meet the grading requirements then it is advised to set that piece aside and look for another one.  There are always chances of defects in the piece. Make sure you spend some time while purchasing the right timber for your roof. As there may be chances that you end up with something bad and can fell into the trouble in later stages. You may come across some problem while installing it in the house.
  • Timber Buying Guide
    Timber Buying Guide

    The next thing which you should consider is the right size or right dimensions. Be clear that you have the dimensions of all the places where you want to use timber be it windows, doors or cabinets. Then check the size of the timber piece by using a tape.

  • If, the timber wood piece has splits then it is important to check how long the split is. You can also get discount if there is a split. Long splits in the wood drain the durability of the timber piece. It is better to buy piece that has no or small split.
  • Check the direction of the growth rings or shrinkage in the timber piece. Also check whether the timber cut piece is not bend. The wood should be straight if you are looking for long pieces. Also make sure the wood should not be twisted.
  • There should be no knots on the wooden piece.
  • Make note of prices of all the timber pieces you saw and also make list of their grades and features you detected.

Once you are happy with the quality of the wooden pieces then grab a merchant and check for prices of all the pieces that you have chosen. and then if you can get some discounts. Also ask him to deliver to your place. You can pay the merchant full amount after all the negotiations or can also pay him once you get your right product delivered to your place.

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