Blue and Yellow Color Schemes

Blue and Yellow schemes are quite usual to see. They are the colors which always make someone happy and fresh. Blue is the color of relaxation. It is the color which makes the room atmosphere cool and welcoming. On the other hand yellow is the color of happiness. It makes someone fresh and delightful always. It makes the room look bright and clean. Therefore the combination of these two colors builds up an amazing appearance in any room or in any house. They are warm shades and are one of the traditional color schemes. These shades are quite popular like blue and white color combination. Below are some of the ideas which you can use to decorate your interiors with blue and yellow combinations.


Bedroom is the best place to use blue and yellow colors. As these both colors give a cool and warming effect, bedroom would be the best place to use it. Bedroom is the place where you relax after the whole days work. It is the place where you spend some time to give rest to your body. Blue is the color which is known for creating a cooling effect while yellow helps in creating a warming and relaxed environment. You can use a simple yellow color in your bedroom to give your room a unique look. You can also use wall papers with floral prints painted in yellow. Add blue color curtains striped with yellow color. Add a bed with light blue cushion cover and pillows. Decorate your bed by adding a bed sheet with blue and yellow floral prints with a blue color bedspread.

Dining hall:

Blue and Yellow Color Schemes
Blue and Yellow Color Schemes

You can also use the combination for decorating your dining hall. Dining hall is the place where you sit and relax and have meal with your family members. It is also the place where you sit and chit-chat with your guests and relatives. Therefore, the colors like blue and yellow are the best ones to create a warming and welcoming atmosphere in the room. You can place a dining table with blue glass on the top in the center of your hall. Place white color plates and bowls. You can also have white plates with blue floral designs. Use a blue color napkin and yellow table mats to decorate your table. You can also place a blue shade glass vase with blue orchids on the center of the table to create a focal point.


Kitchen is the place where you cook food for your family members. Therefore the place should not only be clean, neat but should have a cool and relaxed environment for cooking. You can paint the kitchen walls with yellow and tint of blue. This will make your kitchen look spacious and clean. Add blue color cabinets.  Place a blue flower vase with few sunflowers to decorate your kitchen.

When you should not to use shades of blue and yellow color:

  • If you are living in cool areas then it is advised not to use blue color as blue is known for creating a cold environment. However, you can use yellow color as it a bright color and builds a warming atmosphere.
  • If your room gets too much of sunlight during day times then the room which is painted in blue color will become gloomy.
  • When you are using blue color make sure you use it cautiously. Blue is not the color of appetite and therefore does not make the food look appealing.
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