Dangerous Household Substances

In our day to day life we often use many cleaning agents to clean our house, clothing etc but do you know how harmful they are? Due to lack of knowledge we often do not know what harm these household substances can cause to our health. Harmful substances which we often use like bleach, detergent etc should be used as directed by the manufacturer. One should be very safe with such substances as it not only makes the atmosphere poisonous but also causes harm to every ones health. This article will help you in knowing all those harmful substances which we often use daily but are hazardous to health.

Bleach – One of the most harmful substances we often use is bleach. Bleach is made of Sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite is a chemical which can cause irritation and can harm your skin. It damages the cells of your hands if used with naked hands. Therefore it is always advised to wear hand gloves before using bleach. Also it is suggested as not to mix ammonia or drain cleaners with bleach as it produces dangerous fumes which can harm your health.

Air fresheners – Air fresheners are commonly used by us but due to lack of our interest we often ignore finding out how harmful these fresheners can be. Air fresheners contain dangerous chemicals like p-dichlorobenzene. The chemicals present in air fresheners can cause irritation in your eyes, lungs or nervous breakdown and may cause deadly diseases like cancer. These fresheners are flammable in nature and should be kept away from fire.

Mothballs – Mothballs do prevent our clothes from pests but they can also cause harm to our health. Mothballs contains p-dichlorobenzene and therefore is toxic in nature. These bolls can cause headaches and irritation to skin. Exposure to these substances for longer period can cause problem in liver and respiratory system.

Drain cleaners – Drain cleaners are known to be very dangerous substance. It consists of chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. These both chemicals are very harmful and can cause burn to your skin and eye if splashed. Drain cleaners should be kept away from children.

Washing Detergents –Detergents for cleaning cloths and utensils also contain many harmful chemicals. The cloths should be washed thoroughly in water so that no detergent is left over. The left over detergent on cloths can cause irritation to your skin and can cause skin cancer. On the other hand, detergents which are used to clean utensils should be cleaned thoroughly with water. The left over detergent on the utensils can cause nausea and vomiting.

Pesticides – Do you know that pesticides which we commonly used in out home to keep our home healthy and pest free can harm your health as well? Yes it is true; pesticides are extremely dangerous for health as it consists of chemicals like Dimpylate. It is extremely toxic and can affect your respiratory system. It makes the atmosphere poisonous and harms the nervous system.

Shampoo – Shampoos for lice or dandruff can cause nausea and vomiting. It can also harm your liver and can cause cancer. Make sure you wash your hair thoroughly with water as it can also damage your hair. Prematurity of hair is one of the common diseases suffered due to excess use of shampoos.

Shoe polish – Shoe polishes are made of petroleum distillates and therefore can cause irritation in your eyes and skin. It can also cause deadly diseases like cancer.

Non-Stick Cookware – We often use non stick cookware to cook food. The material which is used for coating cookware is known as Teflon. Teflon is polytetrafluoroethylene, which release toxic gasses when heated on high flame. These gasses can cause cancer, damage your liver and can cause many other harmful diseases. Therefore it is advised to use only steel or anodize aluminum for cooking.

Motor oil – Motor oil consists of heavy metals which can cause deadly damages to your body. Motor oil when exposed to hydrocarbons can cause lung cancer or damage your respiratory organs and nervous system.

Rat poison – Rat poisons are poisonous for pets as well as people living in the house. Rat poison should be kept away from the kids as these contain chemical like warfarin which causes internal bleeding when eaten. Always keep rat poison away from kids. It should be disposed off after the use.

Plastic Bottles – Never use single use plastic bottles as they are very harmful for your health. They release harmful toxins in the heat of sun. The water bottles that are sold across country consist of toxins and therefore are harmful for endocrine system. You can use bottles made of stainless steel.

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