Feng Shui for Basements

Feng Shui is an ancient science which was developed by Chinese over thousands of years ago. It is the science which helps in balancing the energies to provide good health and spirit to the people. It blesses the human with good fortune and brings satisfaction in life. Feng Shui mainly deals with two things water and wind. Wind in known as Feng and water is known as Shui in Chinese culture. According to the Chinese culture wind and water are the only two substances which control everyone’s life and bring in good health and luck. Thus, it is believed that good luck means good Feng shui and bad luck means bad Feng Shui.

During ancient times the science of Feng shui was widely used by Chinese to build buildings, temples etc. It is believed that by using Feng Shui at home or office or building, we can get harmony and peace in life.  It mainly believes in Chi, i.e. flow of energy which regulates our whole environment and body. The flow of Chi around us influences our day to day lives.

It is quite easy to use Feng Shui rules in home or in a building. You can also apply it in your basement. Basement is a place where you keep heavy items like furnace, water heater, or air-conditioning system. It is often seen that we usually apply Feng Shui principles in home but we often neglect basement area and do not give much attention. Basement is also the part of home. It is an area which is build under the home and so lacks the flow of Chi. There are certain rules as how to create basement so that it can get enough light and Chi.

Applying Feng Shui in basement is quite challenging because it is the place which does not get enough light and air circulation. However if you have basement under your home and want to apply Feng Shui then here are some tips to make your basement a place with full of good chi and health.

  •  As per Feng Shui, never use dark colors on the wall. Dark colors does not allow good chi to come in and makes the basement look small and suffocating. Light colors like white, cream or light yellow will brighten up your basement and will throw away bad chi from your basement. It will also make the basement look spacious and bigger. Light colors will not only enhance the look but will also encourage light in the basement.
  • Clean your basement regularly as you clean your home. Always consider basement as the part of your home and clean the clutter daily. You should sweep and mop the basement so that good energy flows in. If you are using the basement as the store room, organize the boxes and different items properly
  •  According to Feng Shui planting plants in the home or basement will purify the air. This will create a good environment in the home as well as in the basement. You can place green plants near the window to improve the air quality and alleviate depression and stress from life. Green plants will also make the basement look lively with fresh air. Bamboo is an excellent plant as per Feng Shui. You can place it in the basement as it not only looks good but also requires very less sunlight.
  • Decorate your home with some Feng Shui art. You can get it easily in any Feng Shui shop. The art with vibrant colors will help in throwing out negative energy from your basement and will bring in positive Chi.
  • You can use perfumed candles and oils to clear the smell in the basement. This will make the place always fresh and lively.
  • Feng Shui says that the basement should not be kept dark and suffocating. Therefore, while building a basement, it is suggested to make every possible effort to make it spacious and airy. Do not block the windows as blocking them would block the natural sunlight. You can also use lamps or bulbs to illuminate the basement if natural light is not sufficient.
  • If you are staying in a basement apartment and has narrow staircase from the basement to the living room then it is advised to welcome Chi by lighting the entryway. It is advised to paint the area with light color as it will make the place look open.

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