Feng Shui considers that all chances enter through the main door. The entry should be well lit and should have a feeling of contentment or all that is good quality.

  • The main living area should be on the ground floor, not on the next level, and should not be noticeable from the main doorway.
  • Feng Shui states that the living room should be in the south side of the home or should face south. If you locate the room in the western portion then this would also be good for you.
  • In an ideal world, there should be a lobby or entry hall, which is pleasingly tinted and the first obsession people see upon incoming the house, with ordinary rooms close by and confidential rooms and that located a little away.
  •  You will see that homeowners can oppose nonconstructive energy by introduction of a healthy plant in a big pot near the entrance; but any dead leaves should be separate right away since dying leaves are known to be a bad omen.
  • I would like to tell you that many living rooms are located next to kitchens or dining rooms and in these cases it is best to have an optical fence located between them with the help of a monitor or big plants.
  • The most significant point in the major living area is prosperity, which is situated in the left-hand corner when one is going inside the room. According to the values of Feng Shui, a door or doorway situated underneath this point will effect in the steady loss of monetary wealth.
  • The major livelihood space should be temperate, inviting, and comfortable. It is far better to have a small number of items on display than a great many items, so if homeowners have a widespread collection, they should turn around the items on show.
  • Place an especially appealing work of art, a large healthy floor plant, or perhaps even the television in the Money point of the room.
  • Even though an inglenook is attractive, particularly if it is situated in the Power point, do not suspend a mirror over the fireplace since it impedes the flow of Chi. choose for a picture instead or perhaps a wall-hanging, wreath, or some other artwork.
  • The position and the placement of the chairs should be evaluated in a proper manner. The sofa and chairs should not be located so that persons sitting on them will be looking straight out the front door, nor should the furniture be located with their backs to either the front door or a casement.
  • The furnishings should be in order so as to permit for simple association throughout the room, not in such a way that it creates obstructions that people must plan around in order to pass through the room.
  • If a house has uncovered beams, homeowners should not put a couch straight under a sunbeam because this will put undue force on the family’s main wage earner.
  • Flow of Chi can be promoted in the best manner if you keep the ceiling of your room absolutely flat. If you have a sloped upper limit or uncovered beams, then you should use Wind chimes or beautiful bamboo flutes as a solution.
  • It is important for you to keep in mind that the living room of your home should be kept square or rectangular. The furnishings in the living room should be placed so as to break opposite directly lines and this will permit Chi to flow quietly through the room. Alcoves and deceased areas can be wrecked up with the locating plants, fish tanks, or great items of furnishings.
  •  People in the livelihood areas should always be able to see the entrance from where they are sitting without having to revolve for it. Chairs should also be located following a octagonal or spherical shape.
  • You will see that the corners or shady areas should be lightening up through the use or mixture of apparent colours, plants, mirrors or light. That would draw chi to them which otherwise wouldn’t flow through those regions. If chi is able to pour over all the furnishings including the bend of the room then this would be very good for you.
  • If you paint your room in colours that match your furniture then this would surely make your living area look livelier. Do not use colours that combat the furnishings or artwork. If likely get the colours from your artwork to help create an agreement between the two. Soft light are always well-liked and high-quality according to the Feng Shui tips for livelihood space.
  • In your living room area any metal based substance including the television should be given the central position to avoid any inconvenience. A hearth would be a perfect constituent to have as room center and, in case you have it, you should place the furnishings based on where it is placed. It is significant that the livelihood room should request people to have good discussion and should make them feel cosy and comfortable in it.
  • Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that mirrors are regarded to be very important in Feng Shui. A mirror deliberately placed can have many compensations; it can bring more glow to a precise spot or reproduce a representative constituent in it. It can also make the space look wider and can be used to reflect the door allowing to see it from a selected area.
  • You must make sure that the dining area should be clutter free and decorated properly. Besides, this table represents physical condition and therefore it should be spotless and orderly. Placing normal flowers or plants on it would also be first-class for the physical condition of the persons who sits at it.
  • The place where you find the stagnant Chi can be made positive by installing an aquarium or a television. If you want you can also place beautiful plotted and refreshing plants in this area for extra improvement.


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