>>Bathrooms should face north, the direction of water, according to Feng Shui.North is also the direction of malevolent spirits and hence, bathrooms are considered to be prone to accidents and mishaps.

>>A plan where the bathroom isn’t located directly across from any entry doors would be most preferable.The entry to the home is where career and opportunities enter.If the bathroom is located directly in front of the entry, they could flow out immediately.

>>Display bamboo and have it reflect in the mirror. Bamboo thrives in any location and plants that grow upward represent money. As well, the reflection doubles the amount of the bamboo.

>>Good color schemes for a properly located bathroom are light grays, cream colors and pale blues. If your bathroom is located in the center of the house, paint it red. The fire element will increase income and therefore counteract the drain on wealth.

>>They should also be thoroughly protected and extra measures to make them safe for children and the elderly are desired.

>>Bathrooms should be devoid of any sharp objects and non-skid surfaces are preferable.The flow of Chi in the bathroom is necessary and thus, open windows to allow free flow of air, mirrors and Feng Shui crystals should be used.

>>No family pictures should be placed in the bathroom.

>>One shouldn’t be able to see the bathroom from the bedroom.

>>You can help prevent a loss of opportunity by always closing the bathroom door and toilet lid (when not in use).

>>A bathroom is the room for wealth and a dirty and cluttered bathroom can make you poor.Bathrooms that are clean well organized and in good shape, encourage the free flow of energy leading to prosperity in the household.

>>Place a mirror in the bathroom in such a way that the person in the shower can see the bathroom door clearly.

>>Pipes of the bathroom should be maintained in good working order and clean them occasionally to prevent clogging.

>>Don’t allow dripping faucets or dirty fixtures to be a part of your bathroom. A dripping faucet is a sign of wasting money.

>>Sinks and bathtub drains should be kept covered to stop your money from going down the drain.

>>A screen between the toilet area and shower area is desirable.

>>Avoid clutter and never ever bring things from kitchen in to the bathroom.One needs to remove waste, dead and stagnant energy that gets blocked here and cleaning with natural cleaners can help you to keep Chi fresh in this area of your home.

>>Lots of lighting, good ventilation and cleanliness are essential to a proper Feng Shui bathroom.More natural light is preferable but it should not compromise your privacy.Use wall sconces to lighten up any dark walls or corners.

>>Another way to counteract opportunity and prosperity from being flushed away is to keep a bowl of pebbles or fresh flower arrangement on the toilet tank or on a shelf above the toilet.By adding this element of earth, you will help control the water.

>>A black or red rug at the base of the toilet will also provide protection against wealth loss.

>>If you choose a home with a second floor, the bathroom shouldn’t be located over the main entrance.

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  1. We have 3 bathrooms/toilets in the house.south east and south west. How can we contRadict bad feng shui? Thanks

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