Selecting the Right Lamp Shades

Lamps serve as an integral part of the home decor. They do much more then just offering shade to the light. Picking the perfect shade is as important as selection of other adorning items of the house. The lamp should be in shape with the room and other decor of the house, fit best to an occasion and must be significant enough to draw just enough attention. Lamps offer a convenient and stylish approach to put a special stamp on the home decor. The look of a great lamp shade can be ruined by just picking a wrong lamp. While picking a lamp just ensure that lamp shade should not just compliment the chic of the lamp on which it perch, but it should also compliment its function as a source of light.

Choosing the right lamp shade and placing it at the right place can totally transform appearance of the room. If you search the net, you will be amazed to see hundreds of sites providing information on different styles and types of lamp shades and even companies selling these lamp shades online. There are number of aspects that you should look into before making a purchase. Now days, an array of designs, sizes and patterns are available in the market to choose from which can even cause confusion in mind of what to pick and what to drop. Before making choice of lamp shade, determine the theme of the house. By identifying the theme and what you want from the home you will easily be able to eliminate the shades and designs that won’t work well with your home decor. By just keeping few tips in mind, one can buy a perfect piece for their home.

  • For study room- a simple, medium size lamp should be used which can provide enough light to make reading easy.
  • Rooms with traditional decor- try to choose lamp that matches the color of the wall and room curtain, design and material of other furniture in the room as well as the color and pattern of the wall paintings.
  • Rooms with contemporary lookout- a simple but trendy lamp with lighter shaded such as white and cream should be picked for such a room. This will provide an elegant look and soothing effect to the room.

Selecting a perfect lamp shade can be easy and simple if you follow few instructions:

    1. Measure the height of the lamp. The thumb rule says that the shade of the lamp should not be more than two third the height of the base. This will ensure that there is no disparity between the top and base of the lamp. Also make sure, that the shade adequately covers the top metal hardware of the lamp otherwise it will give a shabby look to the lamp and will also ruin the look of the room.
    2. Location of the lamp- the width, height and shape of the lamp will basically depend upon the location where it will be placed. The lamp dimensions should be decent enough to fit the space. It should not appear that it is unnecessarily fitted in the room.
    3. Shape of the lampshade- the shape of the lampshade should always compliment the shade of the lamp. For a round lamp, select a round shade. Similarly, square base will look best if paired with more angular shade.
    4. Texture and material- Lampshades come in different textures and are prone to accumulation of dust. Collect lampshades which are easy to maintain and clean.

Hope the above tips will help you choose the perfect lampshade for your home.

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