Decorating your Gardens in Monsoon

Monsoon is the liveliest season that you can experience during the year. It comes with the most wonderful and exotic colours that you would not find in any other season. The over cast skies, the strong winds, the dark black ambiance, lighting and thunder accompanied by sudden downpour would truly bring joy in your life. After the scorching sun that we experience during the summer months, the rainy season is the most important reason for us to smile. The season makes the weather cool and calm and we can experience a sense of peace all around us. We can also enjoy with our family and friends during this amazing season. When we talk about monsoon then immediately we think about the truly amazing colours that monsoon brings with it. The colours of love, peace and joy can be experienced Lush green meadows and small trees and shrubs all fill as with bliss.

Monsoon is also the best season in which you can decorate your garden and backyard area in a truly amazing manner. There are some many things that you can do during this season. You can purchase colourful and amazing plants and other accessories like artificial ponds and fountains for enhancing the look of the area. If you truly want to decorate you garden and outdoors during the rainy season, then below stated are some of the best tips and tricks that you can use.

  • Best plants for the monsoon months

There are many months that bloom during the rainy season and some of the best ones that you can install in your home during the monsoon are stated below.

  • Glory lily is one of the best plants that you can install in your garden during the monsoon months. The flowers of this plant are amazingly beautiful with curved petals and mesmerizing colours. It is basically a climber plant that consists of different coloured buds and leaves. The yellow and bright red petals would surely make your garden look beautiful.
  • Wild cockscomb is another beautiful herb that you would find in plenty during the monsoon months. The herb has some special properties that would fill your garden with a sweet fragrance. The small pinkish flowers are very good addition to your garden area.
  • Water hyacinths are the best solution for you if you really want to make your garden area look amazingly beautiful. The flowers that come out are in the shades of lilac and purple and they would make sure that you enjoy the beauty to the fullest. The plants can grow without nay trouble in your garden area.
  • Indigo plant is the most common plant that you would see during the monsoon season. The appealing and wonderful colours of the plant make it the best addition to your garden area. The plant covers large spaces in your garden area and you can cultivate them in plenty during this season.
  • Blue Ipomoea are great for your backyard area. You do not have to undergo a lot of trouble in maintaining these plants in their appropriate condition. The flowers come out in many different colours ranging from purple, white, dark blue and crimson and yellow. The additional colours would make your monsoon worthwhile.

  • Arranging table gardens

During the rainy season, a great way to make your garden look pretty would be to make the use of the table system. You can cultivate plants according to your preferences and can use them in making your interiors as well as exteriors truly amazing. Some tips and suggestions that you must follow are stated below.

Decorating your Gardens in Monsoon
Decorating your Gardens in Monsoon
  • A large surface area is required for cultivating the plants in this arrangement. You need a shallow wooden surface in which the flowers can be arranged. Make sure that you also have a good drainage system in order to drain out all the excess water. You can also divide the different sections with the help of screens that are used in the windows.
  • You need loose soil in order to fill the garden. Once you have arranged the set up, it is time for you to start filling it with soil that you have collected. You can also mix natural fertilizers with the soil to make it more useful. You have to feel the soil for two weeks after which you can start cultivating the plants.
  • The tabletop garden should only contain small plants otherwise the setup would get too heavy for you to control. You can easily pick out the flowers and plants which you think are the best for your garden area. You can also go to a nursery and purchase some truly amazing plants.
  • Keep the tabletop arrangement in such a manner that it may get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. This would ensure that your plants turn out to be healthy and beautiful.

  • Some general tips and ideas for Monsoon gardening

During the rainy season your garden can really become a mess if you do not care for it in an appropriate manner. You must ensure that everything is arranged in the manner that you want. Some suggestions that would help you in making the best arrangements are stated below:

  • You will find a lot of earthworms during the monsoon season and they are really helpful as they cultivate the soil for you. They also fertilize the soil which helps you in growing the plants in the best possible manner.
  • There are some trees that grow at a rapid rate during this season. If you install them in your garden then they would surely make the area look more beautiful and airy. You can also make your garden look more beautiful by arranging the trees in a straight line.
  • If you have plenty of room in your garden then you can install small garden accessories like ponds and waterfall in your backyard. Birdbaths can also be installed in this season.
  • You can set all your plants outside to make them more healthy and beautiful.

Well these are some very important tips and tricks that can really help you in decorating your garden during the monsoon season.

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