Dining Table Buying Guide

A dining table plays a very important role in decorating your dining room. It acts as an essential fixture.  We can say that it is the furniture to which we become more attached to than any other decor. Be it birthdays or anniversaries dining table accomplishes every need and requirement from time to time. It is quite tricky to choose a right dining table for your dining room as it requires lots of planning, evaluation as well as research.

Despite of being one of the most expensive rooms in the home to furnish, it can be done in your own budget. Here are few tips to help you out in choosing the right table within your budget to create a wonderful dining room.

How to proceed?

Choosing the right dining room table is a complicated issue.  Before choosing the dining table, make yourself clear about the style and materials you wish to buy. It is recommended to keep yourself clear as to where you want to place the table. For example, if you want to give a traditional look and want to place table in the kitchen, then a solid wood top would be a great idea whereas to create a modern look granite topped glass with contrasts chairs would be a best combination. Large dining rooms require a table with definitive shapes, styles and materials.

Planning before choosing the right table:


dining table buying guide
Dining table

The first step is to set up a budget. Think hard and create your budget as to how much you can spend on the furniture. Search and focus on the tables that you can afford. It is advised to always set up a strict budget. In case you find something really good it is best to keep your budget 10 to 15 percent overage.


Take the dimensions of your room. Keep the note of the space that your dining table can occupy. Consider how you want your room to look like i.e. formal or informal. It is advised to measure the area of the room and draw it on sheet to get a clear picture as of what size and shape of table you should look for when you go shopping.

Frequency to use

Be clear with regards to the frequency at which you would be using the table. Also make yourself clear as on how many people will be sitting? Whether the table will be used only for eating purposes or will be also used for school projects or administration? Do you have enough space to place a dining table or whether you should go for a foldable table? etc.

Tips on picking the right table

Though following points may seem be too obvious to you, it is advised to give them little consideration before placing any order.


Once you are aware of the dimensions of the room and as of how many people will be using it, you can now determine the size of the table you should consider. Make a note that there is enough breathing space around it.


Dining tables are available in wide range of shapes and sizes. The shape of the dining table affects the overall look of the room. Therefore, while considering a dining table, find out all the pros and cons of different shapes available before you arrive to your final choices.


Since the dining table remains the center of attraction in the room, it’s material affects the moods, comfort and style. Decide on what suits you best in terms of materials.


Select the right style to add character to your dining room.

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