Do’s & Don’ts in Furniture Care

People who have purchased very expensive and luxurious furniture items for their home and office must surely take good care of the accessories to make them last for many years. Furniture items are purchased for indoor as well as outdoor use that is why their maintenance also depends a lot on this factor. There are various important things that you should keep in mind while cleaning your items. The way you clean the furniture and the products that you use for the process greatly depends on the material of the furniture. Taking care of the items is not an easy task that is why you really need to put in a lot of efforts to get the best results.

Try to clean the furniture items on a daily basis as this would help you in maintaining their elegant shine and appealing look. Some of the most important tips and tricks that you must keep in mind while caring for your home and office furniture are mentioned below.



Dusting the furniture

Do’s & Don’ts in Furniture Care
Do’s & Don’ts in Furniture Care

Dusting the furniture on a regular basis would help you in keeping the items in the most appropriate condition. You will see that accumulation of dust on the furniture over a period of time can really spoil the whole look and finish of the item that is why dusting and cleaning should be done on a daily basis. If you want you can also hire professionals for this work.

Rotating the items before cleaning

Whether you are dusting your cushions or carpets, it is highly essential for you to rotate them carefully during the cleaning process. This would help you in locating dust particles that are hidden inside. As the furniture item stays in the same place day after day, it becomes more prone to wear and wear. Rotating the items would make sure that all the dirt and dust is removed. This procedure should be done with carpets, cushions and other accessories.

Using covers for furniture items

Protecting covering is now available for all most all the furniture items therefore you must surely consider covering your items with protective covers. You will see that carpets and mats come with protective coverings that can be zipped according the accessory. So while you are installing the carpets on your wooden furniture you must cover them appropriately.



Avoid placing the furniture in direct sunlight

You must never place your wooden furniture in direct sunlight as this would cause their colours to fade. You will see that direct sunlight is very harmful especially for wood made furniture. Leather and wooden furniture should never be left exposed to rain and other harmful weather conditions. If you have placed the items in your patio or deck area, then you can protect them by installing blinds and drapes in that area.

Do not ever keep drinks on wooden furniture

Liquid materials and drinks should always be kept away from your wooden furniture. Wood can easily get scratches and strains that is why you must be very careful at all times. You will see that water dripping from cold water bottles and glasses can leave permanent stains on your expensive wooden accessory. Even if you are keeping items on the surface, clean the area as soon as possible.

Keep the expensive furniture away from the reach of your kids

Kids usually tend to jump on soft furniture items. You must stop them from doing so because it eventually damages the springs installed inside the furniture or bed. You can get bean bags for your kids because they are extremely cosy and your child would really enjoy playing with them.

So these are the most important do’s and don’ts of furniture care. Follow the points carefully to maintain your furniture is the best possible manner.

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