Garden is one of the beautiful places which one should have in a home. It brings in fresh air in the home and builds up a green environment around the house. It also builds a relaxing atmosphere. You can breathe in fresh air early morning with nice cup of tea and can at the same time pass out your time watering and maintaining the plants. This would be a lovely start of your day. Though garden is just land consisting of trees and green plants, it is still believed to consider some Feng Shui tips which can bring in the positive energy into your home.

Your garden is an extension of you. The Feng Shui of the garden mainly considers curves and dimensions. According to Feng Shui your house is the Yin energy while your garden is the Yang energy. The Yang deals with sunlight and area. When designing your garden try to incorporate all the five elements of Feng Shui in your garden.

Following are the few tips which you can incorporate while constructing a garden at your place:

  • It is advised to build a garden always in a circular or in an octagon shape only. Do not construct the garden which is rectangular or square shaped. Even if you have a pond in the garden the shape of the garden should be circular only. It is believed that Horse shoe shaped entrances are good to invite Chi and to enter into the house.
  • According to Feng Shui the Front door of the house should not be wider than the pathway which is leading towards the door.
  • One should have garden lights in the Southwest area as this may bring significant and drastic improvement in your life, be it marriage or relationship with relatives and friends.
  • You can use sound in the northwestern side of your garden. This will help in building new relations and friends.
  • Feng Shui Tips for Gardens
    Feng Shui Tips for Gardens

    Usage of more of red color in your garden would stimulate the flow of Chi. You can soften the color by planting colorful flowers. The color of flowers can be of blue, pink or white to balance the flow of Chi.

  • Feng Shui recommends to plant taller and fast growing green trees and plants in your garden for protection and support.
  • It is advised not to plant those plants which have sharp and pointed leaves. Ideally avoid planting cactus. Plant only those trees and plants which have rounded leaves.
  • Always remove dead leaves from the garden. Check regularly the dried or faded blooms. This would increase the flow of Chi and would erase negative energy.
  • Water is one of the essential elements in Feng Shui. It not only attracts the Chi but also attracts positive energy within your home. Therefore the location of water and the direction in which the water flow are essential.  Elaborate the water element in your garden however; make sure that it does not over power the rest of your garden.
  • Goldfish is considered to be one of the auspicious fish in Feng Shui.
  • Make sure that there is continuous water circulation in the pond. The pond should be clean and should contain interesting aquatic plants. This would make the garden quite interesting. The cleanliness of pond brings in positive energy and also increase the flow of Chi.
  • Feng Shui brings in harmony, peace and balance in the area therefore before constructing the pond in the garden it is advised to check whether it does not over power the rest of your garden.
  • Remove plants or trees that are dead as it restricts the flow of chi and brings negative waves in the environment.
  • You can place rocks to balance the yang energy.
  • For betterment of wealth, luck and prosperity it is advised to plant the trees and shrubs in the Southeast area of your garden. It is advised to plant a mix of seasonal flowers, plants and shrubs to delight all the seasons. Always have well trimmed plants in the garden.

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