Feng Shui Tips for Kitchen

  • It is advisable to have a kitchen in the South-East direction according to Feng Shui. You can also have kitchen North-West direction. However any other direction will have adverse effect on your health wealth and prosperity.
  • It is recommended not to have the entrance in line with the back door. As it will not allow the chi to enter into the kitchen. If it is not possible then it is advisable to place a piece of furniture like sofa or a stool. This will divert the chi to enter into other sections of the kitchen.
  • Always make sure that the entrance of the bathroom and the kitchen should not be opposite to each other. If it is unavoidable then it is advised to keep the door of the bathroom closed. This will allow the good luck to remain in your kitchen.
  • If the entrance of your kitchen is visible from the main door then it is recommended to block that entrance with curtains. You can also hang long colorful strings. You can also place large crystal geode in your living room to create a focus point in the room. This will also create a direct attention to living room instead of kitchen.
  • Feng Shui Tips for Kitchen
    Feng Shui for Kitchen

    Feng shui also recommends to place the stove away from the window. Do not place the cooking stove just in front of the window or it may create adverse effects. The cook should always face towards east. This direction allows the cook to prepare a tasty and healthy food daily.

  • It is advised to keep the stove away from the kitchen if it is not working as this can create financial problem at your home. If only part of the stove is working then get the other part fixed up by your agency as fast as possible. It is also advised to create the cooking platform on the eastern side of the kitchen as this helps the cook to prepare healthy food.
  • If you are staying in a duplex apartment or have a house which has two stories then keep in mind not to have bathroom or restroom above the kitchen. This reflects the negative effect on the family health and creates number of financial problems. It can also lead to unrest and hassle in your home.
  • Your kitchen should be well ventilated as this directly affects the health. Proper ventilation would allow enough natural light to enter into your kitchen. This keeps the cook and the family members to remain cheerful and happy. Also make sure you have adequate lighting sources within your kitchen.
  • According to Feng shui it is recommended to always place sink or wash basin towards the South west direction. Make sure not to place the wash basin towards North east direction as this will give a negative effect. However you can place the sink only when the flow of water is towards North-East only.
  • For good health it is advised to keep the drinking water filter or water purifier towards North or North-East direction.
  • Always have a drainage system towards North or East directions only. This is the sign of good health. Any other direction for flow of drainage can adversely affect the health of family members.
  • Always keep fresh fruits out for family members to eat and enjoy. A bowl full of fresh fruits supports good health and spirit.
  • It is recommended not to place stove and refrigerator opposite or adjacent to each other. This will lead to collision between fire and ice or water which can create negative energies.
  • Make sure all your plumbing is working properly. Leaking pipes and dripping faucets are signs of draining of wealth from your life.
  • The direction of refrigerator should be in South-East, south, west or north direction. Any other direction can have an adverse effect on the family. Heaters, conventional ovens, micro-waves ovens, mixer grinders should be placed in South-East or South side of the kitchen. Exhaust fans in the kitchen should always be fitted on the Eastern walls in the South-East corner.
  • Color the walls of the kitchen with light shades. White is the best color in Feng shui. You can use yellow as well. Yellow is color for good health and digestion. You can use light shades of yellow like vibrant yellow or butter yellow to decorate your kitchen.
  • Always place fresh green plants in the kitchen. This gives the fresh look as well as creates a cool and healthy atmosphere. You can also place a vase with fresh flowers of the season on the table or on the side of the kitchen window.
  • It is recommended not to hang sharp objects like knives or forks on the wall as these will cut through the chi and can lead to health hazard. Always keep them in drawer.
  • Feng Shui advices to clean food cupboards and refrigerator regularly. It says not to store excess food in the plenty in refrigerator. Clean out your food cupboards and refrigerator regularly.

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