Space Saving Ideas and Tips

As with the trends, in the direction of simplicity, the majority of us have more control than we have space to store them. In the current time, the new houses often have limited storage areas and on other hand the older may have discomfited spaces. The current generation has more necessary things that are required in the daily routine; on the other hand they are not having sufficient time to save enough time to save space to live. The main plan of the furniture is to use all the available places. There are many different types of furniture’s such as folding bed integrated in the cabinet systems, expandable tables and sofas for any small room. We all dream about a wide open space in our house. We need to maintain a balance act with every item in our house. We can also make plenty of things and make even a small house look beautiful as small is beautiful.

Following are the ideas and tips for different areas of house that we can enhance in reference to space:

Kitchen space:
Frosted glasses are more in use as per the latest survey as they are more helpful than the wooden, because we can get the clear view of the object inside the drawer and cupboard. We should keep our drawers neat and clean. Purchase some of new trays and boxes in different shapes and arrange them back in the drawer, this will be easer to use and will increase space too.

Bathroom space:

A small space well utilised

Many people complain regarding their small bathroom space. We can make different racks with the wall to keep towels and other toilet accessories. With the help of an electrician we can arrange a socket for our hairdryer and other required electronics items with a mirror on the wall. Sink is the place that can hold supplies, extra toilet paper, and other items that do not fit in the medicine cabinet.

Bedroom space:
Bed is the best place for any one in the world, so we need to select the best one for us that can fit our budget and space. A night lamp with a comfortable chair will give a perfect and a complete look for your room.

Storage space:
We can arrange every corner of the storage space very creatively. This technique will give a clean storage room with extra space to keep other things. Always keep a broom and mop on the storage space.

Additional Ideas & tips:

•             Replace the Hanging racks with the pots and pans from the ceiling.
•             We can use walls to hang different utensils.
•             Use other room to store different things from other rooms.
•             Replace the old drawers with the bulletin board for the pieces of kitchen


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