Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Lighting plays a very important role in creating a comfortable and inviting environment in the room. If you spend most of your time in your bedroom then it will not be wrong to say that you will need a bedroom which is as comfortable as possible. Therefore it is important to plan as how you want to lighten up your room. It affects the mood of the person. It creates a cool and relaxing environment.

Lighting can change ones temper. Even if you do not spend lot of time in your room, lighting can make you feel at home. There are various types of lighting available in the market. But it’s a big question as to what type of lighting should one use to create a wonderful ambiance in the room. Which lighting can give you ultimate comfort and ambiance? Whether it can build up a pleasant place for you to relax? All these questions are answered in this guide. Below certain tips and ideas have been discussed which you can consider and implement:

Plan your lighting

Bedroom Lighting Ideas
Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom requires varied lighting as it is the places from where you normally start your day and also end up your day. It is place where you get ready for work early morning. It is also the place where you relax after working for the whole day. Therefore as the bedroom serves both the services it becomes more important to efficiently distribute the lighting throughout the room. Plan as of how much light you require in your bedroom. If you want lighting that can serve all the purposes like relaxing, getting ready or reading then you can install several sources for light instead of having just single light at the center. This range will serve all the purposes. If you want large amount light in your room then you can illuminate all the light sources and if you want to create a relaxed environment then you can switch off some of them. Also plan out if the other person is comfortable while reading on bed while relaxing. Then accordingly you can place table lamps on the sides of the bed.

Install lights in closets

It is beneficial to install lights in closets or wardrobes. This will not just help you to find the clothes easily but would also ward off moisture from the closets especially in the months of rainy season. You can install recessed down-lighters to make your closet look striking and attractive.

Decoration purposes

You can use pendant lights to decorate your bedroom. Install lamp shades to give a warm feeling. Always install a horizontal lighting in your dressing table. You can also shade the bulbs to avoid glare on your face.

Always remember to set the switches near you bed so that you do not have to every time get up to turn it on or off.

Tips on how to go ahead

Measure the dimensions of your room: First thing which you should consider is the measurement of the room. Make yourself aware of the height and the length of the room. This would help you in installing light fixtures like chandeliers. Also make note of the outlets that are available in your room.

Install mix sets of lighting: If your room is larger and you want to bright lights on certain work areas and soft lights in the other area then you can install mix sets of lighting. Avoid too much of lighting in the room as this can make the place unpleasant.

Install lights with different shapes and styles. They are also available in variety of material and colors to suit your room décor.

Always Install light dimmers: This is the most effective way of controlling the lighting in any room. These dimmers can be adjusted according to your requirements.

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