Study Room is one of the important rooms in the house. It is the room where the kids need more concentration and positive energy to study and to score good marks. It is the place which needs a lot of positive energy. The concept of Feng Shui is the best source to create the positive energy within the room and within the kids. It helps in increasing the flow of Chi in your kid’s study room. Here are a few tips on how to design the study room according to Feng Shui principles.

  • Firstly, the study room should be neat and clean. That means the room should be cleaned regularly and there should be no clutter in the room. A messed up or an untidy room brings in the negative Chi which actually should be driven out from the study room. Study room is also the place of creativity. It is the place where you apply your brain and enhance your skill and knowledge. Therefore you must ensure that there should be the flow of as much positive Chi as possible in the room.
  • While doing the task, place the chair where no shelves are present. The chair and table should be comfortable for your kid to sit and study. A chair should always have a high back. Next thing which you should do is, pasting a picture of water or a waterfall behind the chair. This would increase the flow of positive and creative energy into your kid’s study room.
  • Feng Shui Tips for Study Room
    Feng Shui Tips for Study Room

    Keep in mind that there is no sharp thing or piercing which directs towards the chair where your kid sits. This would create more bad and negative energy. Even avoid pasting poster on the wall which features arrows or an airplane and weapons. All these things are pointed and thus cause bad energy in the study room. Make sure the chair and table are made of good solid material. A wooden table chair would be the best thing. In order to activate Chi it is advised to place a Crystal sphere in the main window of the study room. One should not have a tree too near to your kid’s bedroom.

  • Make sure that your child does not sit straight in front of a window as this may lead to lack of concentration. The study table should be such a way that the window is on the left of the person sitting at the desk. However if there is no window then you can place a mirror towards the left of the person. Your kid should be able to see the door when he is sitting at the table. Make sure the kid’s back should never be to the door. However, in case this is the only way of arranging the study room then you can place a mirror. This would allow the kid to see the door behind him.
  • Keep in mind that North-East sector of house does not consists of a toilet or a storeroom and kitchen. However, if there is, then it is advised to hang a 6 metal rod wind chime in the room. This would exhaust the earth energy there.
  • You can hang a wind chime near the window. A plant can also be placed instead of a wind chime. This will not allow anything threatening through the window. You can place bamboo and cactus also as they symbolize good fortune according to Feng Shui. You can also place a Buddha or a crystal ball on the study table.


  1. The feng shui suggests that the desk should placed in a way that the window is on the left side of the person sitting at the desk. Also make sure that your back doesn’t face towards the door and he/she should be easily able to look towards the door.

  2. This room requires a lot of positive energy as per the feng shui. The best place to keep a chair is where there are no shelves present. Make sure that the chair is comfortable and has a high back. If you add a symbol of water behind the chair then the flow of creative energy will increase.

  3. Even i don’t know much about it but i searched on the net and i found out that the study room should be kept tidy at all times as it will create a calm effect in the room. Also your study room should be spacious. And it is preferred that the window should be present left to the desk in order to increase the concentration level.

  4. I have heard many guidelines for a perfect study from the perspective of vastu shastra. But what about feng shui? i think there must be certain guidelines. Can anyone tell me something about that.

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