Folding tables are useful in homes as well as in offices. Folding table is not just a piece of furniture but can be used for multi purposes. They are not just reasonable, portable, easy to maintain but also easy to store when not in use. With the growing trend and usage of folding tables, they are now available in variety of materials, shape, price and sizes. Different sites are also available online which provides plethora of information on folding tables. This helps the consumer to make comparisons and fix the best deal. In case, customer is not able to spare time and go to market for making a purchase they can do so by booking them online. After identifying the utility and intended function of the table, one should decide on what type and size of table to buy. A folding table can be very resourceful. Different kind and size of folding table can be used for serving different purposes.

  • Long, narrow size folding table- may not work well for extra seating but can act as a very good option for serving buffet.
  • Small square shaped table- is best for playing cards, carom or other family games.
  • Long, medium width folding table- can be used as a dinner table.
  • Medium size folding table- can be used as a study table in child’s room or can also be used as a kitchen table for performing different kitchen jobs.
  • Wider topped folding table- can work well for many business needs; in meetings and conferences. The wide top can accommodate enough space for any paper work or office material.

Before making a purchase, it is important to consider for what purpose and use you are buying it for.

Some points can be kept in mind before hitting the deal, which may help you in taking decision.

Finding Right Folding Tables
Folding table is not just a piece of furniture but can be used for many other purposes

Shape and size– if the folding table is to be used for office purpose and conferences then it should be long and rectangular. A long, narrow sized table should be used for dinner sitting, picnic and social gatherings as it can accommodate more number of guests. A small square folding table is best for playing cards and other indoor games.

Type of material– an array of material are now available in the market to choose from; ranging from wood, plastic, metal, tubular steel and rust proof aluminum. The type of material should be picked depending upon individual savor, requirement and capacity to spend. People who don’t want to spend much on the table can go for plastic or vinyl top folding table instead of a wood table which is priced a bit on the higher end.

Storage space– if you are short of space at home then make sure that your folding table in compact enough and can be easily stored when not in use.

Kind of usage– determining where to use the folding table whether indoor or outdoor will help you choose the kind of table you should buy. Tables with plastic and vinyl tops are ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Whereas, wood tops table are best suited and durable when used indoors.

Hope the above tips will help you pick the right piece for your home and office.

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