Furnishing a Small Apartment

Furnishing a small apartment is not only a difficult task but a challenging job as well. In a small apartment the major drawback is the space constraint. As the area is small, it becomes challenging for the designer to make smaller area look longer and spacious within the prescribed budget.

Furnishing of small apartment needs lots of planning on to how to furnish the room without spending lot of money.There are different ways to furnish a small apartment. Before furnishing of an apartment one should be clear about his requirements in the room and the room dimensions.

Following are few ways that would help in making your small apartment look spacious and bigger.

  • The use of multi-purpose furniture can work wonders in the small apartment. Therefore it is advisable to choose the furniture pieces which can serve up with multiple functions. These furnitures would also help you in creating spaces in the room.
  • For making the living room look bigger, smaller furniture can be used with slimmer chair. Also centre table can be of glass tops. This would allow reflection of light and would make the room look bigger. The shelves to the wall can be decorated with theme based accessories. One can also use these shelves to create a library in the living room by assembling books, magazines and CDs.
  • To create a dinning space, a foldable dining table can be used. This would create space in the room as it can be folded whenever it is not in use. The foldable table can also be used for performing multiple functions.
  • A Kitchen should be spacious and should allow a sufficient area to cook. Therefore, it becomes important to utilize every small place in the kitchen to store accessories. Kitchen should have many cabinets in order to store all kitchen items like utensils and cutlery items, crockery etc.. This would not only provide sufficient place for cooking but will make it look neat and tidy.
  • For utensils like spoons, cups and other items which are used on regular basis can be stored in cabinets with hanging hooks. One can also have an option of wall hanging shelves for storing utensils and other kitchen items. This would also create place in kitchen area.
  • For bedroom, a bed with the storing space can be used. This would help in storing other items like bed sheets, Pillow covers and bed covers. The storage can also be used multi purposely. If your bedroom is small, then a foldable bed attached to the wall can be made. This would give sufficient space in the small room and would also make the room look longer.
  • In bathrooms a storage space can be build up below the wash basin to store accessories like soap, paper, shampoo etc. One can also have a choice of using high clutters to keep accessories. These will create the bathrooms more spacious and would also protect them from water splits.
  • For coloring the room walls it is only advisable to use light or neutral colors like cream shades and earthy shades. One should avoid dark colors while painting the home. Dark colors would make the room look smaller and congested. Also one should avoid using too many colors in one room should be avoided. The room with too many colors would make it look fussy.

Image Courtesy:-  www.apartmenttherapy.com

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