How to Choose Decorative Pillows

With wide variety of color, texture, size and shapes, pillows play an important part in giving final touches to an attractive home decor. They bring a unity to the theme of the room by repeating patterns and colors. They add life to a dull room by providing a bright accent. Pillows can be used purely as decorative instruments or for comfort. Due to the large variety of pillows available in the market, it is prudent to be aware of the variety of pillows used for different purpose before going on a shopping spree.

Fillings based on usage:

The pillows can be filled in with a variety of substances. Each has a different use.

Polyester forms: such pillows are washable, non allergic and do not bunch. These are mostly available in square and round shapes only. They can be combined with expensive covers to give the desired look.

Feathers: These pillow fillings are luxurious and have an excellent loft. They can be filled in any type of covers. Such fillings are expensive and at times are not readily available.

Polyester fiberfill: such pillows are easily available and are the material is non expensive, non allergic and easy to clean. In the long run, polyester fiberfill pillows tend to unevenly compress if not distributed evenly.

Pressure sensitive foam: such material has excellent resilience and tends to give support by adjusting to the shape. They are expensive and difficult to find.

Cotton: such pillows are most commonly used as they are inexpensive. In long run, cotton tends to lump and is not easy to clean

Shredded fabric: they are also inexpensive as mostly the unused fabric is shredded. However, they can be hard to wash and because of cheap fabric shredded, the color may often bleed.

Shredded foam: just like shredded fabric they are easily available and inexpensive. Such pillows develop tend to develop a static charge and can therefore be hard to handle. They tend to develop a lump.

Depending on the type of furniture, the pillow can take various forms like:

How to Choose Decorative Pillows
Stripe throw decorative pillows attract attention and add style

Knife-edge: This is the simplest style where two fabrics are stitched around edges. Such pillows are flat on edges and plum in the centre and may have opening for removing the cover.

Box: Such designs have added depth created by additional strip of cloth and can be used as floor pillow or chair cushion. They require more material to be filled and can offer good support.

Corded: They are just like knife-edge pillows with piping around the edges. The piping gives a contract to the overall pillow color and can be used effectively for highlighting the pillow.

Mock Box: These are modified knife-edge pillows. The corners are modified using gathered style and pleats such that effect of Box pillow is given without actually having an extra strip of cloth.

Flange: In order to highlight the pillow, such designs have flat layered (single or double) border.

Ruffled: It has lace work of contrast fabric. They may also have embroidery or needlework.

Pillows can be made to order or readymade. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available in the market. Once the room is decorated with choosiest pillows, it is important to maintain the pillows by regular cleaning as pillows accumulate dust and stained pillows can spoil the look of the room defeating the very purpose of it.

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