Everybody dreams of a lovely home, amazing location and last but not the least a mesmerizing decor. Furniture is the most integral part of any home decoration may that be an indoor furniture or outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture has the same role to play as the indoor furniture in enhancing the beauty of a house, as it’s the outdoor furniture which creates the first impression about you and your house to the outsiders. Most people usually avoid or pass up the cleanliness of outdoor furniture, forgetting that the first impression is the last impression. Outdoor furniture are exposed to an array of harsh elements such as sunlight, dirt, breakage, bumps and scratches are just some of the few grounds of impulsive damages of outdoor furniture. The first and foremost step towards upholding the outdoor furniture is its cleanliness. So it is very important to keep a regular check and track of all the negative elements causing harm to the furniture. Traditionally wooden or cane furniture were used as an outdoor furniture, but with the change in time and savor of consumers a large variety of outdoor furniture are now available in the market depending on individuals need, pocket size and the look they want to serve to their house. The outdoor furniture material may range from wood, steel, aluminum or cast iron, wicker and plastics.

Maintenance and cleaning

Each material has distinctive characteristics and formation, so every material asks for separate ways of caring and cleaning.

  • How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Clean
    Clean your outdoor pieces at least twice annually and they'll give you years of good looks and comfort.

    Wood outdoor material– Wood furniture usually needs cleaning only when there is upsurge of wax or dirt on it. Loose dust on the surface can be cleaned with a soft cloth, gently rubbed over the surface. Uneven areas or furniture with minute carving can be cleaned or dusted with a brush. Mild home detergent and water solution can be used to remove waxy residue or oily dirt. However before using it make sure that the cleaning solution does not affect the wooden surface. For finished wood, damp cloth with a cleaning solution can be rubbed gently over a small area at a time. Evade much use of solutions and liquids, as they can cause damage to the furniture. Further aesthetic enhancement to the wooden furniture can be obtained through the application of hard polish or paint which also prevents blotches and stains.

  • Cast iron and steel– These two items are usually vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Cast iron and steel are usually protected with paint and clear finish. They can be cleaned using a mild detergent mixed in water. Cast and steel iron furniture can look evergreen through light coat of paint or powder coat finish.
  • Aluminum– Aluminum outdoor furniture is not much in trend even though they are resistant to rust as compared to cast iron during the oxidation process. Cleaning them on a regular basis will prolong the life of coating on the furniture. A damp cloth can be used for cleaning on a regular basis, while car wax can be used to give it a fresh finish.
  • Plastic– Plastic outdoor furniture are the most widely used and most convenient to maintain and clean. Its stains and dirt can be removed using a damp cloth or a mild detergent. For hard to remove stains, bleach or water with vinegar can also be used.

If the furniture are cleaned and handled wisely and carefully then it will require very little in the way of routine maintenance.

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  1. Furniture is the thing in the house which is easy to purchase but quite difficult in maintenance. This post has presented few ideas which might help us in this context. These ideas are so realists and easy to follow which make this post easy to follow and share.

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