Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Kitchen Cleaning Tips – Some Easy To Follow Cleaning Steps

Kitchen is counted amongst one of the most attention grabbing parts of your dream home. Especially for a housewife it is her workplace and thus it becomes quiet important that you pay proper attention towards keeping it well managed. A properly managed, tidy and systematically arranged kitchen reflects your home management skills. Being the most important part of a house kitchen always need special treatment when it comes to cleaning it up. It is the place where food is cooked, eaten and stored so maintaining proper hygiene is a must.

All of us need to be very cautious while cleaning kitchen as here you will get the maximum traffic all the time making it hard to manage. Following are some of the quick fixes that you can adopt for better kitchen management;

Cleaning the Refrigerator

Refrigerator is one of the most useful kitchen appliances that you frequently use. It not only stores your food supplies safely but it also helps you to keep the edibles fresh. Therefore it becomes really important that you clean it on daily basis. Always refrain from keeping open containers and use air tight containers to store items. Whenever you plan for cleaning make sure that you have emptied it properly and power supply is off. Use good quality washing liquids to soak the wiping cloth using which you can clean the interiors as well as the exteriors of your refrigerator. Do not use harsh stuff for cleaning as it can create scratches. After cleaning it, open the doors for a while so that it is dried completely and there is no bad smell.

Cleaning the Oven

Cleaning complex electronic appliances has not remained a puzzling question now as the innovative products available in the markets have made it really easier. If you are planning to clean your oven then keeping in mind its condition you can simply wipe it with a dry or damp cloth. It may also require dirty scrubbing for removing the hard stains from the surface. You can use dishwasher cleaner, ammonia or bleach for cleaning but to not mix both. Soak the oven racks in the warm water using these and you can set the cleaning mode timer after carefully locking the over door. Wipe the oven stove and exterior surface to ensure proper cleaning.

Cleaning the Kitchen Ceiling and Walls

You can start with this section taking your broom as a weapon to overthrow cobwebs ruling your wall corners. You can sweep these unwanted signs off from your kitchen using a broom of a long brush to reach at far places. Generally these specific brushes are called telescoping duster and cobweb eliminators. After cleaning the ceiling its time to clean the kitchen walls and washing it with a rag or duster is the best way out. You can use detergent and all purpose kitchen cleaners mixed with water for this job. First dip the rag or sponge into cleaner mixed water and then wipe the particular wall from bottom to up. After this you can rinse the wall using another sponge dipped into plain water.

Cleaning the Kitchen Surface

Kitchen surface is the last part of your kitchen cleaning but you simply can’t ignore it, if you want your cleaning process to complete. The best way to clean the kitchen floor is to sweep it properly and then follow it with the moping process. If you find visible stains then you can apply stain remover, bleach or detergent to clean these spots while moping.

Above are some of the detailed steps that you can follow for making your kitchen cleaner and tidier. However it is always better to make a time specific schedule for kitchen cleaning. You kitchen has a lot of cleaning demands apart from removing trash and cleaning up the kitchen utensils, accessories, etc that you do on daily basis.

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