Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is often one of the most-used area in any family‚Äôs home or say– “The kitchen is the heart of the home”. With constant use and cooking kitchen can quickly become coated in a layer of grease and dirt. The area most affected are the Cabinets. Food particles and smoke can stick to the surface of the cabinets, making them grimy. Built-up film from cooking oil, smoke and even steam can destroy your kitchen cabinets beauty.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets can seem like an overwhelming chore, but following some simple steps can make this process a lot more easier:

Exterior Cabinet Cleaning

Start by gently cleaning the exterior surfaces with a soft sponge or any soft wash-cloth. Choose the cleaning solution according to your cabinet material. Don’t use steel scrub, brushes or any other item that can scratch the finish. It is always a good idea to first try it in an inconspicuous area to make sure that your cleaning doesn’t damage the cabinet. Always pay special attention to the area around door handles/knobs and drawer pulls, as these places tend to be the stickiest. If possible, removing cabinet hardware before cleaning will make it easier to clean these areas.

Interior Cabinet Cleaning

The very first rule for cleaning the kitchen drawers and cabinets is to empty it properly. If your cabinets are not very stained, greasy or dirty then you can simply use a rag for dusting. In case these are not in a good condition then using cleaning sprays and kitchen cabinet creams will help you a lot. In order to remove the built up grime from drawer surface you can rely over cabinet cream, cleaner and a good quality shiner or polish. After completing this cleaning exercise you should keep the drawer open for sometime so that it is free from bad smell.

Some home-made cleaners:

  • Dilute one part soap in two parts warm water and clean the cabinets using a soft sponge. Avoid using steel scrubbers.
  • Vinegar is a natural, all-purpose cleaner and will remove any kind of cabinet grime. If the cabinets just need a regular cleaning, a solution of vinegar and water should do the trick.
  • For more stubborn dirt and grease, try only vinegar(without water). A paste made of baking soda and water makes a formidable scrub and helps remove a lot of the stains and dirt. Even club soda and lemon juice can be applied.
  • If your wood cabinets are very difficult to clean, you can try paint remover. But you need to be very careful while doing so. Before doing any kind of cleaning in the kitchen make sure there are no open flames or source of heat nearby.

Since kitchens are undoubtedly the most used area and it easily catches dirt and grime, cleaning your cabinets on a regular basis can help maintain the look of your kitchen. After a deep cleaning, be sure to give them a periodic wipe to prevent build-up of grease and dust. In case your cabinet looks dull even after cleaning, wipe it with furniture wax or polish suitable for their specific materials and finish.

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