Kitchen Storage Ideas

Are you thinking about adding new storage spaces as part of your kitchen remodeling project? Many storage options are available today to fit in every style of kitchen from Early American to Modern. The size of each type of storage space also varies from the small to large. A few of these kitchen storage options include portable storage, containers, baskets and racks, shelving, hooks, pantries, island benches, corner, custom, semi custom and stock cabinets and pull out drawers and shelves.

Kitchen storage cabinets are one of the best solutions to keep a messy and cluttered kitchen into a well-organized one. This is the answer to all your problems regarding kitchen storage. One of the many factors that affect the overall look of your kitchen is neatness and cleanliness. If you have all the right storage cabinets for every item in your kitchen you will surely achieve this look.

Portable storage units consist of shelves, carts and cabinets which are mounted on wheels which make it easy to move to any part of the kitchen where they are needed. Portable storage units can even roll out into the dining room if necessary.

Containers are a very inexpensive and convenient way to hold your food items. They usually take up more space in a kitchen; however, this can be solved if you can install more shelving or racks. However, other than the low cost of obtaining containers, these also come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials to suit any kitchen and need.Airtight containers are also available to store and keep food fresh.

Baskets and racks are also helpful in storing your kitchen items and come in all shapes in sizes to suit every need. Not only do they conveniently dry dishes, baskets and racks have several advantages. Storage baskets and racks can make use of wall and inside door space, organize various items such as cleaning products, utensils, and wine; And storage racks give easy access to items such as spices, paper towels and knives.

Shelving is one of the most common forms of kitchen storage that you might find. Kitchen shelves not only showcase the items on them, they also give you easy access to those items. Kitchen shelves do require frequent cleaning and maintenance due to the fact that they offer little protection from dirt, germs and dampness if they are exposed.

Hooks come in many different types to suit various needs from hanging pots and pans to towels and dishcloths. They can be installed anywhere from underneath or in cupboards, from the ceiling or by the side of the cupboard. They also make excellent use of the inside and outside doors as well as the space from inside of the cabinets.

Pantries are wonderful storage units for larger capacity items or for extra storage. Even though they are not the best choice for everyone due to their bulkiness, pantries can be very useful in kitchens large enough to allow one. They mostly consist of a small closet or room that is built off of the kitchen.

Island benches are a great way to not only store extra kitchen items, they are also great for food preparation and extra space to set your food on once it is finished. For larger kitchens, it is proven to be very handy for those who prefer a shorter distance between their stove and sink.

Corner cabinets are used to house rarely used items such as dishes that are used on special holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. To make use of awkward storage space in the kitchen, these cabinets usually have bi fold doors.

Custom cabinets are made after the order is sent; with this option, there are limitless possibilities. You can pick them in just about any finish and the cabinets are tailored to fit your exact needs, space and preferences.

Semi Custom cabinets are modified to fit your cabinet needs but are taken from the standard range of cabinets. These cabinets generally feature a higher quality of workmanship than stock cabinets.

Stock cabinets are chosen from a catalog or at a hardware store and are the least expensive cabinet option for your kitchen. They are also the easiest to obtain. They can be made with solid wood, or wood construction with a melamine finish.

Pull out drawers and shelves make those hard to reach items in cabinets easier to access. This storage option also provides excellent visibility.

With so many options available, it is important to take into consideration the style, color, and size of your kitchen. Storage ideas such as adding a pantry, installing new cabinets or islands and possibly portable storage units generally would work for larger kitchens. Ideas such as baskets, hooks, racks and possibly containers, depending on counter and shelf space, are suitable for kitchens of all sizes. No matter what size, color and decor your kitchen is, adding extra storage units will make a huge difference in the organization and look of your kitchen.

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