Lighting Your Home

Lighting and illumination play an important role in setting up various moods in every room of home by using their innovative style and creative light patterns. Every room has different set of roles in everyday life and lighting them not only would create warmth in the atmosphere but would also build up a welcoming atmosphere. It adds style and grace to each room and thus enhances the whole house. It is one the best ways to create a soothing  environment in the home.

Traditionally lighting was only used for illuminating the home but nowadays it has become come a way ahead. It is now not only used to illuminate the rooms but is also used for artistic purposes. It can be used to highlight the stylish furnishing, colorful walls or decorative items. There are many options available to lighten up your home and give it a complete look. Various bulbs with different styles, designs and voltages are available in the market. And as lighting varies from room to room, these bulbs can be used based on the need, requirement and  functionality of the rooms.

There are different options to lighten up the bedroom, living rooms and kitchen. Strategic placement of traditional lamps is one of the options to decorate your room. Ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting are the other options which can be used to create a better ambiance within the rooms. Ambient lighting gives the natural light effects. These are used to create a warm look within the room and can be used in living rooms as well as dining rooms. Accent lighting is one of the creative lighting options which can be used to create dramatic look within the room. These are used for highlighting key elements in the room like theme based accessories, highlighting fire place etc. On the other hand, task lighting is the lighting which gives bright and focused light and therefore can be used in study room or kitchen. It is ideal for focusing the work areas.

Things to keep in mind:

Before drawing any decision in order to lighten up a room a lot of planning and assessment is required.

  • Firstly, One should be clear about the directions to which your room is facing to (i.e whether it is south facing or north facing). It should also be then assessed as to how much amount of light that particular room draws in during the day. These assessments are important before taking any decisions relating to lighting because the level of light the room draws changes from season to season. For example, during summers the room facing towards North would receive less light while in winters it might become a little dark during afternoons. So the room will require more fixtures with bright lighting.
  • One should also keep in mind that the style of lighting varies from room to room depending on the room’s functionality. Therefore it is necessary to choose right type of lighting within a particular room. For example, in kitchen, bright lighting becomes necessary to illuminate or highlight key areas like work place for cooking and cabinets whereas the sections like bedroom and dining room, a dim lighting becomes important as these places are mainly used for relaxing. These lights would create a soothing environment within the room. Lighting options like bed side lamps, dim light pendants are commonly used styles in these places to create relax modes.

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