Living Room Ceiling Ideas

The living room is a focal point for most families and is often given a lot of attention when it comes to creating a pleasant and relaxing space. Living room ceilings however can often be overlooked and yet they are an important part of finishing the room. In previous decades, lavish attention would be dedicated to the uppermost part of the room because it was seen as the closest to the Heavens and a sign of status to afford such work. Consider the masterpieces which astonish us still with their beauty and detail and how these differ from the usual but perhaps slightly uninspiring magnolia colored ceilings so common today.

Arguably the most famous ceiling is located within the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. The iconic image portrays the hand of God giving life to Adam and was painted by the renowned artist and sculptor Michelangelo in the early 1500s. Other places of worship, stately homes and palaces throughout the world have similarly powerful and significant images and decorations on their ceilings. Homeowners today can incorporate some of the ideas from the past and create a more interesting or attractive ceiling in many ways.

Living Room Ceiling Ideas
A well designed ceiling in the living room

Naturally lights play a major part in ceiling decoration and there are many varieties available. If your living room has high ceilings hanging lights will display wonderfully and showcase the proportions of the room. Consider the ambience you wish to create and opt for grand designs and crisp colors for a clean but relaxed feel or select delicate designs in warm colors for a cozy and snug feeling.

Chandeliers are no longer the preserve of palaces and mansions but are now available to suit living rooms of every dimension. These will certainly give your room atmosphere and may well be a talking point with admirers. If you prefer something understated but flexible, select lights that are set into the ceiling but include individual controls and dimmer switches so that you can create the perfect ambience whatever the occasion. Bright lighting will be useful when the children are playing or you are reading on the sofa but softer lighting can create a great atmosphere when watching a movie.

Another option is the use of ceiling roses, ceiling domes or ceiling tiles. Ceiling roses became popular in the late Regency and early Victorian eras, although there is some evidence they date back to the 16th century. In the beginning they served a practical purpose as they collected dust and soot from oil lamps and candles but nowadays they are simply an attractive addition to any living room ceiling. Select from the extensive range of reproduction roses or find old and authentic plaster ones in reclamation yards. Designs vary from small and plain to large and elaborate, so you are sure to find the perfect piece for your room.

If your house has a certain style or theme you will find there are numerous collections from which to choose, including typically English designs with intricate patterns and traditional designs made from plaster to give that historical feel. A popular design is known as the egg and dart style which comprises of an egg shaped centre and a dart, or alternatively sometimes an anchor or arrow shaped surround. This type of design is common in classical architecture and you can see plenty of examples of this in grand houses and palaces where the roses have been well preserved. For those who prefer the more cutting-edge, there are also contemporary designs which will look sleek and modern in your home. These avant-garde pieces could easily be mistaken for objects d`art rather than ceiling decorations because of their stunning designs. If you like to be a leader when it comes to interior design, this type of ceiling rose will certainly show your passion and inspiration for your home.

Whatever selection you make you can be sure that putting some thought into decorating your living room ceiling will be worthwhile and create the enjoyable environment you desire. Imagine how nice it would be at the end of a long work day to just feel so at ease as you switch off from the pressures of everyday life and unwind with the right mood lighting. Sink into the comfort of your plush Berkline furniture and just relax and feel good. You deserve it!

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