Office Lighting Ideas

The working environment has to be perfect as it can affect the efficiency of your work and hence the overall performance. The right lighting feature will make you comfortable and increase the ease. If there is improper arrangement of light then one will feel disturbed and will not be able to focus on work thus leading headaches, muscle pain, eye strain etc.

Lighting is a big problem in office but people working on computer find greater difficulty. In the past work was done manually and hence pen and pencil was needed but with the advent of computer now the people work on system. Even the small office has computers where high illumination is not needed as it can give blurred images so light luminance is required in such cases. It will be good that task lighting is more in use rather than the general lighting as it illuminates the entire room while the task lighting focuses on a particular area only.

Glare and Reflections

Glare is the most general problem that occurs with light. Glare is nothing but a sensation which comes to the eyes when the amount of light required for work is more than what is required. This is the time when you feel pressure on the eyes. At night the headlights of the vehicle produce glare due to which it becomes difficult to see for few seconds. But in office the amount of glare is usually low or it can cause severe headache, strain on eyes and many other problems.

When a light falling from a shiny surface reflects on to the eyes it causes a feeling of discomfort. Though people working on computers as well as people who are not working on computer can experience this effect but the percentage is more in case of people who use computers. They are more experienced with this effect. It is because the convex shape gives a wider view. If the light object is placed on the back side of the computer then the vision will be affected.

Control of Glare and Reflections

But this does not mean that you cannot control the glare. There are several ways by which the computer users as well as the non computer users can reduce the glare and reflection both. A few points are given below:-

  • Decrease the source intensity
  • Bring down the size of the source
  • The source and the line of sight should be located far away
  • The background luminance can be increased

Some practical applications of these guidelines are:

  • The computer workstation should be between the overhead lights rather than placing them below the lights.
  • Computers and the windows should make a right angle with one another.
  • Natural light as well as overhead lights can be blocked with partitions.
  • In order to control the amount of light from the windows blind or drapes can be a good option.
  • Glare can be reduced with the help of filters, parabolic louvers and baffles.
  • To avoid more light you can bent the computer screen towards yourself.
  • Anti-glare of high quality should be used so that you can focus on work.

With the help of the above guidelines it will become easy to reduce the glare and the reflection which is experienced by the workers. As the working environment is different and the tolerance power of different people different hence the necessary changes can be made accordingly. This was just a guideline to help you as you can make the modifications in the solution to get better results.

In any office there are three types of lighting which are: general lighting, task lighting and daylight. The light from the sun is the natural light hence there is no need of any arrangement for it but when it comes to the other two lighting features you will have to employ ways for it. As entire office needs light hence general lighting has to be installed utilizing the best sources for it. If there are work stations then task lightings can be added for individual use. If extra light is required then it can be used or else the general lighting is always there. So it is necessary that all three lighting should be in proper proportion to make the employees comfortable and work happily.

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