Decorating with Wall Clocks

These days, home decor has taken on a completely new meaning. And wall clocks are definitely an inexpensive way to enhance the decor of any room. Clocks have gone beyond just showing time. These days wall clocks are not just used to keep time, as conversation pieces they adorn the walls of many homes. They are becoming more and more of a style statement, flare and fashion. Time has changed a lot since a simple clock was placed in a room for the sole purpose of telling the time.

You will no longer find dull and ordinary clocks in most of the homes that only display the time. Clocks are now treated as a vibrant accessory to highlight/decorate any wall/corner of the room. Whatever your taste is, either quirky clocks or the luxurious ones, each one add a panache to your home decor. Decorating with clocks is a fun way to add style and function to almost any space! Available in different designs, colors and sizes clocks add a beautiful, practical touch to any room.

Varieties to display

Either its your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway; a gorgeous clock will work as a great decorative as well as functional accessory for your room.

A clock can become the focal point of a wall as a decorative piece. Nowadays, there is a wide range of wall clocks available in various shapes, sizes and in different materials, like roman archaeological wall clock, Roman numerals, mechanical gear installed clock, illustration of the world map, clock with photo frame, clock with only hands and no body customize shaped clocks, a dial with decorative hands, mirror clocks, cuckoo clocks with musical chimes, clocks with images of gods, light clocks and so on.

Wall clocks with unusual shapes

Earlier the clocks used to be usually round or square in shape. But now you can get a clock to go in every room of your house and to match every different decor you can imagine. Now they come in several different and unusual shapes like geometrical patterns, floral, animals, butterfly, tree-shaped and so on, and in unusual colours such as purple, tangerine orange or multi-coloured.

Color Splash

Clocks are often treated as an old fashioned or boring object, but if you choose a bright color, clocks can be quite the opposite.Especially in neutral colored rooms, clocks are a great way to add a hint of fun. Try Once!

Theme of the room

Clocks enhances the look of a room and makes a style statement. Always choose a clock that complements the theme running through that room. For instance, if you have a classical theme based room, then opt for a sophisticated vintage clock. And if the theme of your room veers towards the modern, then a abstract design clock will be apt. Always consider the type of clock for particular areas of the home depending on the look, feel and theme of the room.

Suit the Spaces

Often, the choice of a clock depends on the people residing there. Like for kids room, colourful clocks with cartoon characters are preferred. An elderly couple can have a simple and elegant wooden clock with numbers clearly visible so that it is easier for them to read.In a living room or study, you can have a world clock. In case you have family living in different countries this kind of clock will suit your need.

Designer pieces

Designer wall clocks add instant glamour and elegance to a home, especially when placed on a wall or resting on a mantelpiece. For people who want to add some fun to their walls they can opt for disco and vinyl tap clocks. Even 3D clocks are available in market these days. The numbers have a 3D effect and they are very much in demand. Customized clocks which double up as photo frames, with photographs of loved ones inserted around are also very popular now-a-days.

With clocks ranging from classic to contemporary and abstract to traditional, you’re sure to find one that will look great sitting on your accent table, perched on your mantel or hanging on your focal wall.

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